The Ultimate Last Minute Wedding Checklist

When you finally hit the “few weeks to go” mark it all starts to sink in that the big day is approaching. It can be one of the most exciting yet intense times of the process. As you start to see everything fall into place there are some last minute preparations to check. Here’s the ultimate guide to all those eleventh hour wedding plans:



  • Weather Checks

Weather checks should be ongoing in the weeks running up to the big day. If you’re having a glorious outdoor wedding, you need to be prepared with a back-up plan to switch things up if there’s rain in the forecast. This isn’t so important if you’re having an indoor wedding, just make sure you bring an umbrella with you for the walk from the car to the venue!



  • Final Headcount For Catering

By this point you should have a good idea of who will definitely be in attendance. Re-confirm with any guests you’re unsure of a few days before. Always give the caterers a figure with a couple of dinner guest places over, just in case.



  • Full Wedding Dress Rehearsal

It’s important to have a full wedding dress rehearsal with the full outfit from lingerie to veil. Do this at least a couple of weeks before the big day in case there are any last minute alterations that need to be made, or if you think that you want to change something about the look.



  • Vows

You may be writing your own vows for an extra special touch. Read them aloud to yourself or a family member to ensure you’ve written everything you want to say in a clear, concise way. This will also help with any nerves on the day because you will feel more comfortable with the speech.



  • Gifts

Have someone responsible for collecting all the gifts/cards either during the rehearsal or at the wedding reception on the day. You should have a designated safe area to keep the gifts or a separate location away from the venue.



  • Ensure The Cake Is Ready

It may seem like a given, but it’s worth double checking the wedding cake schedule. Though many couples like to keep it a surprise for the big day, there’s no harm in sneaking a peak at the cake to make sure it looks exactly how you wanted it to.



  • Provide Photographer With Key Shots

Deliver a list to the wedding photographer detailing who should be in formal portraits and when they should be taken. You can also give them more of an idea of the style of shots you want.



  • Check Your Bridal Party Have Everything They Need

One of the most crucial parts in the run up to the wedding is making sure that the bridal party have everything they need. This includes the delegation of roles during the day. Ensure they have their outfits sorted, and whomever is in charge of the rings has them in safe keeping!



  • Packing For The Honeymoon

In the rush of getting ready for the big day, many couples forget that they’ve got a honeymoon to pack for! You’re likely to be jetting off somewhere hot and sunny. So, pack all beachwear, toiletries and don’t forget that all important honeymoon lingerie.



  • The Clean Up Operation

Arrange with your family members who will be responsible for clearing up the venue on the night of the wedding or the morning after. You could always use a cleaning service if that’s more convenient for you.


Now you’ve got everything you need sorted right before the big day. It’s time to relax. Take some time for yourself and treat your bridal group to a much needed pamper. The groom can do the same too, or you can combine the two with a dinner party for everyone.  

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