How To Make Your Airbnb Apartment Attractive

Everyone who is in the Airbnb business right now is killing it. Despite inflation being at a high, owners of Airbnb rental properties are making the most out of their luxury apartments and renting them out for hundreds a night. Not just any old Airbnbs can generate these profits, but the people that know the secrets to make their apartments outshine the rest, are seeing the most success. 

If you are looking for some top-secret tips for making your Airbnb attractive and guaranteed to get you bookings, start implementing the following tips:

Home Sweet Home 

The top Airbnb hosts know that the key to making your property sellable is to make it seem like a home away from home. Guests opt for staying in Airbnb rental properties over hotels due to the simple fact that they are looking for a cosier, more homely stay. If you can make your property feel as natural and cosy as possible, then you will find bookings flying in. This might include a TV with Netflix attached for guests to watch their favourite shows, as most hotels do not offer such luxuries.

Hotel Quality Bedding

Despite the fact you are trying to make your property seem better than hotels, there are still some great features that you can steal from them. For example, hotels always make an effort to invest in the best quality linen and thick bed sheets to allow their guests to have a great night’s sleep. You should also prioritise making your bed as close to hotel quality as possible. The bed not being up to scratch is one of the main reasons why some Airbnb hosts get bad reviews.

Don’t Forget Utensils 

If your property has a kitchen, it would only be right to provide guests with the necessary utensils and supplies to make their food. Remember, you are trying to make a home away from home, and if guests want to cook their meals they most likely won’t be bridging knives, forks, and pans in their luggage. Provide all these essentials and ensure they are thoroughly washed after each stay. Make a note in your Airbnb listing that you provide these amenities as it is a selling point for potential guests.

Decor Goes a Long Way

The easiest way to let guests scroll down your listing is to take pictures of a dull, empty home with no appealing decor. A little decor can go a long way, especially if you are hoping to get your Airbnb prices into the top brackets like the best of homes in your area. Think About your target audience, and consider adding some minimalist prints and luxury cushion covers if you are targeting business professionals. 

Add Plants

On the topic of decor, you should not neglect the positive effects that adding some greenery can have on your home. Artificial plants are a simple yet effective decor feature that can bring a room together and provide a calming splash of colour. It also adds a freshness to the home. This clean and fresh feeling is exactly what people look for when finding the perfect Airbnb to stay in.

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