Tips For Becoming A Freelance Fashion Designer

Is it your dream to design clothes, and have your designs worn by people all over the world? Many people want to become a freelance fashion designer so they can create clothes for lots of different companies and diversify their skills. Becoming a freelance fashion designer can allow you to have much more creative control over your work, however, it can be a lot harder than becoming part of a fashion house. Here are all of the tips you should closely consider when starting your freelance fashion design journey. 

Learn About The Industry

Insider knowledge is incredibly important when it comes to fashion designing. Knowing how the industry works, how to get jobs, and the fashion industry’s history is incredibly important. Researching the history of fashion and how the industry has evolved can give you confidence to reach out and work with other fashion professionals, and can allow you to do better work. 

Create A Portfolio

Your portfolio is one of the most important parts of becoming a successful fashion design freelancer. Your portfolio will show people your skills and brand, and the sort of clothes you like to design. Who are your influences and inspirations, where do you get your designs from? What textures, fabrics and colours do you like to experiment with? Put together a collection of your best work for potential clients to view, so they can get a better idea of your design style. This will allow you to demonstrate your skills and style, so you can impress them with your work. 

Define A Brand

Each designer has their own specific signature look that they are known for. Your own personal flare adds depth to your designs, and makes them recognisable as one of your pieces. For example, do you want to design high end dresses, or sportswear? Designers are able to cultivate this through using specific colours, patterns, outlines or themes which convey something about them. Knowing your brand can allow you to refine your skills and find work that suits you. Finding your brand as a freelance fashion designer is one of the most important parts of finding success. 

Build Your Network

Try and build a substantial network of industry contacts that you keep up with. For example, having several substantial connections in the industry can make it much easier for you to find jobs, work, suppliers and clients a lot easier, as they can provide a reference for you and let you know about potential job opportunities. 

Protect Yourself 

If you’re going to be a freelance fashion designer, there are many things you can do in order to protect yourself. For example, getting insurance is one of the best ways you can protect your personal finances. Just like credit insurance helps to protect big companies, professional indemnity insurance and contents insurance could help you in case the worst happens. Insurance can help you out massively in case you make a mistake at work. When you’re a freelancer, there may be periods when you’re not at work. Investing in a diverse portfolio can make sure you have income when you’re not designing, as well as having a side hustle, at least for the time being. 

Becoming a freelance fashion designer can be incredibly rewarding and can allow you to experiment with your creative freedom. Start your career journey today – you won’t regret it!

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