Three of The Best Construction Courses In 2023

The construction industry is still going strong despite it being an industry. The younger generation is still interested in getting into the construction industry. Plus, there are more opportunities than ever in this thriving construction world. 

With more and more commercial buildings being built, there is a constant demand for these workers. Due to this, there are more courses than ever that adolescents can complete at college. The problem with this is that there are too many courses to choose from and is hard for them to pick. Here, we will look at the courses you can do at college and which is best for you. 

PPE (Personal Protective Equipment Construction Course

The first course on the list and arguably the most important is the PPE course. There are a lot of hazards on a construction site which is why you must make yourself aware of those risks. This course will also highlight the importance of wearing PPE and how to use it effectively. 

The course not only helps individuals understand the risks on a construction site but also the capabilities of the PPE equipment. They will teach them the realistic expectations they can have with their equipment so they don’t rely on them too much. 

Aerial lifts

This is another great course that most construction workers will have to use at some point in their careers. Furthermore, there are numerous lifts in the construction industry such as scissor lifts, telehandlers and other types of mobile electrical lifts. 

Aerial lifts are there to make a job easier. That is why it is important people learn how to use them effectively and safely as it benefits their job. This is one of the best courses out there for learning the basic fundamentals of an aerial lift which you will have to use at some point in your construction career.

Construction Project Management

Construction project management is very important as well. This is a line of work people go down if they want to work in the construction industry but don’t want to work on the tools. The positive about this is that it pays well without getting your hands dirty. Additionally, you don’t need to worry about the pain you suffer in your later years because you haven’t been lifting heavy weights etc. 

Project management is a great skill to have however, it can be stressful. Not only do you have to worry about managing the project so it finishes on time. You also have to complete the job safely. Not to mention all the costs you need to consider such as telehandlers for hire, hiring lockboxes, portable toilets and other bits and pieces for the workers. Nevertheless, if you manage to complete the job safely, and on time, you can get good pay out of it. You just have to make sure you keep everyone in check. 


There are many courses that you can do at college to make sure you are qualified and where you can work on-site. Furthermore, a lot of them are free. There are a few things that are required on site that you will have to pay for such as a CSCS card. But that isn’t expensive either. Speak to a college first to find the best course for you. 

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