9 Ways To Maintain A Good Relationship With Your Business Partners

Having a successful business isn’t something you can achieve just by offering a good service or a product. In other words, it doesn’t depend on you solely; it is also affected by the way you treat your business partners and clients. They are the ones keeping your business run just as much as you do. Therefore, it’s important to show them your appreciation from time to time. Here are a couple of ideas on how to do it smoothly.

1. Wireless car charger with a phone holder

If your client or a business partner is frequently on the phone while driving, this will be a very useful gift for them. It shows them you want them to be safe on the road. Just make sure it suits most of the Android and iPhone models and that it’s easy to install.

2. Stainless engraved wine tool set

In case you know for sure that your clients enjoy fine wine, this would be a perfect gift. A wine-lover will appreciate the dark leather case the corkscrew is placed in. Make sure a stopper and a drip ring are included.

3. Leather journal

Many business professionals keep a lot of notes. A journal is a highly needed and thoughtful gift, but you can raise it to a higher level and get a leather journal. High-quality leather is easy to maintain as you can remove the scratches and markings. Make sure the binding is firm so that not one page goes missing and that the thickness of the paper is enough not to let the ink bleed through. It will be a truly unique gift.

4. A packet of quality instant coffee

Instant coffee is very popular these days, especially in hectic working environments. Most business people and workers need the energy that coffee gives them. So, show that you want to help them be as productive as possible by giving them a packet of quality instant coffee that can be stashed anywhere and easy to bring along.

5. Business card holder

Your business partner will really appreciate a unique business card holder that will help them stand out from the rest. It’s possible to find a holder with a thumb-sliding feature, which means the cards will be dispensed one by one when you slide your finger over a button on the holder. The holder is made of metal, so the cards will be safely kept inside. There is room for about 18 business cards, depending on their thickness.

6. A gift basket

Getting a gift basket is always something your client will remember a long time, especially if you choose a really thoughtful one. The great thing about this present is that there are many types of gift baskets for different people and occasions. You can choose whether you want it to consist of sweets and chocolate or whether it will be a basket full of healthy snacks; maybe you want to add a fine wine – it all depends on your client’s preferences.

7. Customized water bottle

Water is important to anybody; it’s the healthiest and the most needed drink, so show your clients and business partners you care about their health with a water bottle. If you opt for a customized type, you can choose the size, style and color to match either your brand color or your client’s favorite color (if you know it). Whether you want it to be monochromatic or colorful – everything is doable.

8. Orthopedic memory foam chair cushion

Most working people spend their working hours sitting at their desks and laptops. Too much sitting is bad for the posture but it can also get very painful and uncomfortable, especially if you don’t have an ergonomic chair. This type of cushion will mean a lot to the person you give it to – they will feel comfortable while sitting and they will really appreciate it.

9. Luxurious foot massager

Our feet suffer a lot during the day, especially if the job requires a lot of standing or walking. Business partners and clients will be delighted with a quality foot massage, especially because it can be used at work, too. It’s practical to bring along, and it’s also a perfect ending to a stressful, tiring day.

All in all

Giving gifts to your clients and business partners is important; that way you show them how much you respect and appreciate them. It means a lot for running a successful business. It’s the people around us who make us successful, so make sure they feel appreciated. And surprising them with an unexpected gift is the right way to do it. A thoughtful gift is what will show them you pay attention to them and you take care of their needs.

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