Pros and Cons Of Installing Solar Panels

If you have been seriously thinking about installing solar panels in your home, you have probably also been exposed to different pieces of information about their advantages and disadvantages. To be able to tell the difference between the facts and myths, here are the most important pros and cons regarding solar panels.


1. They drastically reduce electricity bills

This is the first thing that everybody knows – solar panels will significantly reduce your monthly electricity bill, as you will be able to generate your own electricity. As solar panels have a life span of some 25 years, you can imagine just how much you will save up.

2. They reduce carbon emissions

Solar panels help the environment – it is a cost-effective way to reduce your carbon footprint and give your contribution to the fight against global climate change. The transition from fossil fuels is a necessity today, and more households are making the decision to support it.

3. You’re prepared for rising energy costs

Homeowners can’t do a thing when it comes to electricity costs – and they will probably keep on rising in the following years. Even though the cost of solar panels can be high, the cost of electricity is going up, which means that having a solar system prepares you for useful energy generation. Electricity costs will continue to rise, but you will be able to deal with it.

4. They improve your home’s value

After you have installed solar panels, the value of your home will rise. Even if you are planning on moving, solar panels are still a good investment as it pays back really fast. And you will still get to earn some more when you actually sell the house.

5. They are affordable

In comparison to the recent years, the price of solar systems has dropped. In many countries, they are even cheaper than conventional energy. If you ask around, you’ll see there are numerous financial incentives for families to switch to solar energy. Also, there are reliable and affordable companies that install the system for you and do necessary solar repairs when needed.


1. They don’t function on every type of roof

In case your roof is made of roofing materials such as cedar or slate tiles, it could be difficult to install a solar system on it. Another potential problem is many homes have skylights or roof decks, which complicates the process and makes it more expensive. Still, there are other options, like ground-mounted solar panels.

2. They’re not really attractive

Everybody wants their home to look perfect, but be prepared for the fact that the exterior can’t look exactly as you want with solar panels. Still, many companies try to stick to minimalist design, where all the unnecessary hardware has been removed or carefully hidden.

3. They don’t work at night

It’s impossible to go completely off the grid with solar panels, as batteries that would provide you with light at night are not an option for homeowners yet. So, you will still need conventional energy when the sun comes down.

4. Not every solar system is the same

As with everything else, panels on the market differ in quality, durability and efficiency. You need to do some serious research in order to make the installment worth your money and time and make it last for decades.

5. The up-front cost can be too high

In case you don’t have any financial incentives for the installment, the up-front payment can be too high for an average family. Even though you know it will pay off, you may not have that amount of money to give all at once.

Final comment

It’s clear that solar panels come with certain price. But if you do your research, that price will soon pay off and continue to save you money in the future.


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