5 Frequently Asked Questions About Crime Scene Cleaners

The truth is until they are needed, people usually don’t know much about crime scene cleaners. There might be an inquisitive few out there though who entertain some questions either for the sake of just knowing or because they need the information. Whatever the case is, here is an article that provides answers to 5 most frequently asked questions about crime scene cleaners.

Question 1: How Qualified Are They?

While it is true that there are no federal regulations that require crime scene cleaners to possess some sort of academic qualifications, their companies are expected to maintain various safety standards. For these standards to be met, crime scene cleaners are expected to have acquired some special skills and training that would keep them safe when working on crime scenes. These training include being OSHA certified, learning the effective and efficient use of PPE amongst others. So, they should be considered as qualified experts in their fields.

Question 2: What are Their Work Hours Like?

This question is usually more relevant to those that are considering starting a career as a crime scene cleaner. As such, cleanup companies usually employ people who can always be ready to report for duty at a moment’s notice. This means the job can be demanding as you might be called upon to come work at very odd and usually inconvenient hours.

Question 3: Do They All Have Extra Skills?

Anyone who can offer added value to a company automatically indeed has an edge over other employees, but it isn’t mandatory in the case of crime scene cleaning companies. There is always a need for cleaners and you would certainly get the job if you want it. For better pay though, it might be a wise move to learn other handy skills that might be needed on the job. An example of such is carpentry.

Question 4: How Difficult is the Job?

The flat answer to the question above is “very difficult”, and in more ways than one too. As earlier mentioned, crime scene cleaners must always be ready to report for duty, and that is no easy thing to do. They are also expected to spend a large duration of the time they spend on the job on their feet. There is also the issue of the ugliness that is usually present in most of the scenes that they handle. One with a weak stomach cannot work in such an environment, and this usually requires not just physical, but emotional and psychological strengths.

Question 5: How Much is the Pay?

The services of crime scene cleaners do not come cheap and considering the difficulty of the job, it is only fair that they ask for so much. Crime scene cleaners can request for as high as $250 per hour and sometimes even more. And if one wants an excellent cleanup job carried out, then he shouldn’t scrimp on how much he pays for the services.

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