Overcoming Morning Stiffness: 5 Things to Try Apart From Working Out

Do you stumble around the room aimlessly like a zombie after you leave the bed in the morning? Needless to say, you are not the only person in the world to suffer from morning stiffness, as it takes some time both for our brain and our muscles to start functioning properly. Apart from a huge cup of coffee that is not the healthiest of solutions, many people recommend working out the moment you leave the bed in order to get the heart pumping. However, this is not the only method for defeating morning stiffness, as any of these 5 methods will help you achieve the same result with significantly less effort.

Taking a hot shower

If you enjoy sleeping for hours on end, then you are more than likely to enjoy a long shower. You usually shower after practice or in the evening but what if you rescheduled your daily shower to 6 AM, for instance? Not only will warm water feel well against your skin early in the morning but it will get your blood going, relax your muscles and help you sweat out all the toxins in your body that have built up in the previous couple of days. The best thing about this shower is that hygiene is not the primary motive for it, so you can afford just stand there enjoying the jet of warm water coming from above.

A glass of cold water

We cannot state enough how important it is to hydrate each day. Humans need at least two liters of water a day, which amounts to some eight glasses that not many people fulfill, literally. That is why morning is the ideal time to use rehydration to overcome stiffness. A glass of cold water will definitely wake you up, as long as it doesn’t come from the tap. Tap water is impossible to keep cool in the summer and it many cases it is on the verge of being potable. That is why you should buy mineral water and keep it inside the fridge to consume it each morning.

Using a massage chair

The main goal of exercising early in the morning is to get into our blood circulating and to activate every muscle in the body. Essentially, you want to jumpstart the metabolism but exercise is not the only way to succeed in this. In fact, you can feel invigorated just by sitting, under the precondition that the chair is right. Yes, we are referring to a massage chair like the ones Inada Massage Chairs had been making for over half a century. The ancient Japanese healing practice of shiatsu targets specials points in the body that are then activated with the use of the massage chairs. Having finished the session in this special chair, you will be up and running just minutes after leaving the bed!

Adopting a healthy diet

We spoke about how a morning shower has the power to cleanse all the toxins from your organism, but did you ever stop to think about how they ended up there in the first place? Food is a major source of poisoning that we voluntarily engage into on a daily basis. We seldom read the food labels that warn us that we are about to consume unhealthy food. Leading a sedentary life means that these toxins have no natural way out, so they disrupt our sleep cycle, aggravating the issue with morning stiffness even further. That is why a bowl of fresh vegetables for dinner can be a sign of improvement for our metabolism, so it can finish its job just in time for you to get up all fresh and smiling early in the morning.

Regular exercise (not in the morning though)

Let’s get one thing straight: nobody likes to exercise early in the morning, even if they are professional athletes. It is the fast pace of our lives and the lack of time that is forcing us to be active during a period that our whole body is dormant. If you do like to exercise, and we spoke about how beneficial it is for burning all the extra fat, then do this in the afternoon or in the evening.

Apply any of the 5 methods listed here and your mornings will again never be the same. You will start to enjoy the dawn of each new day and who knows, you might start getting up early at the weekends as well.





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