Make Your Home Front Entrance More Welcoming

The home front entrance is a perfect way to leave a positive first impression on your guests and neighbours. But creating a more welcoming front entrance doesn’t have to be anything too demanding. Sometimes it only needs taking care of a few things to create a truly exceptional space.

Additionally, you will also be able to distinguish yourself in the neighbourhood and make your home more special. So, if you want to make your home front entrance more welcoming and unique, here is what you should do.

1. Guide the guests in

Create a nice and clearly market pathway that will lead your guests right to your entrance. It’s enough for it to be wide for two persons to walk side by side and made of stone or concrete. Plant flowers or bushes along the pathway on both sides to decorate it and make it more pronounced.

However, you can also create a pathway out of stairs which is something hill houses usually like to build. Although using concrete for paving is the easiest and cheaper solution, stone tiles and pebbles are more sophisticated materials. Make sure that materials are not slippery during rain and snow season to avoid accidents, and also think about making it accessible to someone with a disability.

2. Keep the clutter away

Overgrown bushes, tree, and clutter can all impair the picture of the welcoming front entrance. Thus, you need to keep the branches and bushes trimmed, as well as to regularly collect the foliage from the pathway and front steps. Mow the lawn to keep it all neat and clean, since the surrounding area also contributes to the appearance of the entrance.

Don’t pile up things on the porch, and if you need storage area, build a small shed in the backyard or use the attic. If you decide to have a garden right by the house walls, then make sure you maintain it in order to be lush and vibrant. Potted plants are an excellent choice if you want to have less obligation and still revive the look of the front entrance.

3. Add a personal touch

In order to have a welcoming entrance, you need to add a personal touch to the overall design. This is something you can easily achieve with items that will complete the exterior décor and create gorgeous features. You can use colourful step tiles that will lead to the front door or place sculptures on both sides of the door.

Lamp posts will bring elegance to the house, but at the same time help gain a rustic and more traditional feel. A classic door knocker is always an interesting decoration, especially if you leave in the house made in a less contemporary architectural style.

4. Add architectural details

Changing the appearance of your home front entrance can also be a small construction venture. However, in order to make it welcoming and appealing, do some research about the current architectural style of your house. That way, you will be able to add decorative elements that will embellish your home and not downgrade its appearance.

Raise an arch above the door that will also provide shelter from the rain to the entrance or use decorative brackets to hang lamps, flowers or for decoration only. Mouldings on the façade above the entrance can help you give your home more character and establish its exterior design.

5. Pretty up your porch

If you have a porch then consider it a part of your home front entrance as well. This means that you have to pay attention to its condition and maintain it on regular basis. Start doing so by repainting it into a fresh colour or a shade that will complement the rest of the façade and remove all excess items you don’t need.

Place a table and chairs on the porch where you can sit in the summers and entertain your guests or have lunch with your family. In case you have a small porch, a couple of rocking chairs and a swing will make a perfect place to spend leisure time with your loved ones. Add potted plants you can easily move around and make sure that the porch has good lighting so guests could find their way at night.

6. Buy a custom doormat

Doormats are not only there to wipe your feet before entering a house. They can also serve as a nice decorative element that will create a more welcoming ambience at your front door. With so many options to choose from at stores like Mat Shop, you will easily find the perfect size, shape, and material for your home.

Also, pay attention to the weather outside when you choose your mat, as well. If you don’t practice taking the shoes off in the house, then choose material that will absorb dirt and moisture well. That way you won’t have to worry about the mess, and your front entrance will be more welcoming to guests.

7. Let the front entrance pop

If you want to refresh the old entrance into your home, then think about simply repainting the door. Choose a bold colour that will fit well with façade, roof and frame shades, like green or red which go well with earthy tones. If you have exterior painted in grey, then blue or purple doors would make quite an impression on the overall décor.

Painting the front door in a brighter colour will create a joyous and cheerful atmosphere, so your guest would feel more welcome as they approach the entrance. Just make sure that the shade you choose goes well with the rest of the colour scheme to achieve harmony. Otherwise, the colour you painted the door with may worsen the appearance of your home.


If windows are the eyes of the house, then home front entrance is its smile. Just like your guests, you will also experience the welcoming ambience of your home right from the front door. And after a busy and chaotic day, that is something every homeowner likes to feel.

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