Taking Your Business Online Post Covid-19

Businesses all over the world have been forced to adapt their practices as a result of the pandemic. Some businesses saw an unprecedented increase in the demand for their products, whilst others struggled to stay afloat. If you’re a business who has been affected by the pandemic, an option moving forward could be to take your business online. You have the potential to reach a vast new audience online and it could take your business to the next level. Here are a few of the steps you should be taking in order to transform your business and make it an online success!

Establish Your Goals

Before taking the leap and going online, take some time to establish what you are wanting to achieve. For example, do you want to increase your revenue or increase the number of enquiries? This decision will ultimately inform your subsequent decisions, so consider it carefully. Identify what you are aiming to do and then ensure that you have measures in place to deal with increased orders or enquiries. Once you know what you are doing, and how you’re going to do it, it’s time to move online!

Create A Website

Unless you’re experienced, creating a professional and high-functioning website on your own is a massive task. So, it is advisable to work with a website developer and a design agency Manchester-based to access the best possible talent out there. They can help you to craft the perfect website for your business that can be optimised, thus driving traffic to your business. The upfront investment will be worth the potential returns you will receive as you can access a much wider audience. 

Set Up Social Media

If you haven’t already, setting up social media accounts is essential. You can share exciting content with followers, announce sales and generally get your brand out there. Draw attention to your products or services by offering exclusive discounts or competitions to followers. Creating ongoing relationships with your customers will increase loyalty and hopefully sales or enquiries!

Collect Reviews

Consumers have endless amounts of choice when it comes to shopping online. If a customer reaches your site and likes your product, but can’t find anything to endorse its quality, then they are likely to go somewhere else. A remedy to this issue is to collate a range of positive reviews to share on your website and social media, giving people confidence in your products or service. Perhaps offer an incentive to people, such as £5 off their next purchase, in return for leaving you a review. 


For those of you whose businesses have been impacted by the pandemic, you have the opportunity to find an entirely new customer market online. Don’t let your business fall behind, so take some time to work on improving your online presence. If you aren’t in a position to make that initial investment, why not start by registering with local directories online, so people can easily find your business. Getting yourself seen online isn’t easy, but neither is running a business, so take the risk and watch your business evolve!

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