How to Plan an Event in Southeast Asia

Planning an event in your city is fine but it’s more impressive when a distant location like the Far East is chosen. Thailand makes the ideal country within SE Asia because it’s affordable and accessible with high-end hotels and private event spaces that are large enough for a sizable crowd. There’s also plenty to do in Bangkok when not attending your event.

Here’s how to initially plan an event in Southeast Asia.

Create Your Vision of a Successful Event

Take some time to think through what kind of event you wish to create. Then drill down to the specifics. List out the most important things that you wish to include and the kind of facility that’s required to meet that remit.

If you need a group of people to assist you with creating the event, pick out your team based on their strengths and known weaknesses. Try to find a good mix of skill sets.

Make a List of Tasks

Make a comprehensive list of tasks to complete to bring your event into reality. Don’t forget technology requirements for the event too.

Which corporate sponsors might be interested in sponsoring or co-funding it? It depends on your industry and how open the event will often determine whether sponsors will be interested.

Bring your team into the mix by assigning tasks to one or more people. Reference their strengths and weaknesses to assign responsibilities wisely. For tasks where two people will work on them, try to assign an older, more experienced person with a junior employee for better accountability. The senior person will take ownership of the task to ensure flawless completion.

What Event Date(s) Makes Sense?

Consider a number of possible dates for the event. Check to see what upcoming dates are holidays in the U.S. and in the Asian country where it will be held. National holidays can seriously disrupt the running ofa small event and make it challenging to source any supplies required. It also often increases flight costs too.

Finalize a list of dates that work best. Then you’re ready to inquire with event spaces to see what availability they have. Match up their availability with your list of possible dates to find the right opening. It’s always best to plan ahead as much as possible by booking earlier. This gives you far greater flexibility on the dates you wish to settle on.

Picking an Event Space

Choosing the right event sets the tone. Depending on the venue, there may be a choice between a large exhibition floor, an auditorium, a town hall, or a workshop area that offers the possibility of seminars, meetings, workshops, and 1-on-1 training all in one space.

When searching in Southeast Asia, an event space Sukhumvit, which is a popular spot within central Bangkok, is a solid choice. Sukhumvit is accessible via tuk-tuks, taxis, and the regular BTS train line too. There are also plenty of affordable eateries to grab a bite in between meetings or workshops.

When planning ahead sufficiently, an event can go off without a hitch. Using an event organizer is never a bad idea either if your budget stretches to one.

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