Kids birthday party trends for 2019

Kids are all about fairy tales, and they expect the biggest one to take place on their birthday. This means that the very event is like the creation of an entirely different world, so it requires quite a bit of planning. Once you’ve come up with the theme you know they’ll love and their guests will enjoy, you need to make sure everything is in place to make it alive. That’s why we’ve prepared a couple of birthday party trends which will make sure that all the dreams of your little ones will be fulfilled.

Get More Balloons

Balloons have always been a must-have decoration since they make everything colorful and magical. But we live in the times of visual exaggeration where everything needs to be Instagram worthy, so a few multi-colored balloons tied to strings are far from enough. In order to create a satisfying fairy tale land, you’ll have to go for much more extravagant balloon garlands such as cake toppers, centerpieces, and arches.

Boost your Food With Visuals

Another way to add a joyful splash of color to the celebration is with desserts and cakes which can be equally efficient in bringing your decorations to life. Sweets are already fairly important to kids, so serving them in extravagant displays will certainly grab their attention. Donuts are one of the trendiest desserts, so why not make use of the fact that they also double as decor? Prepare them raised, old fashioned, and sprinkled, and utilize some decorating ideas to make colorfully edible party displays. You can boost them even more with a donut wall, and don’t hesitate to bring out other stuff such as cake pops or drip icing cakes – the more the merrier. It would also be wise to prepare some number-shaped pans since countable cakes are on the rise according to the searches.

Let Them Paint The Scene

Don’t worry, it’s not as intimidating as it sounds – we didn’t mean literally. Chalk is your best ʽweapon for the occasions – it is cheap, extremely fun, and, best of all, impermanent. If you have an outdoor area designated for the party you could let kids draw on the ground. If not, it would be quite enough to equip them with individual chalkboards. You can even go a step further by setting up a big chalk wall that everyone can draw on together. But that’s not the only area suitable for painting – their drawings will create a magical world, and face painting for kids can turn them into its equally magical inhabitants.

Turn it Into an Adventure

The inseparable part of every magical world is an adventure that takes place in it. This means that the activities should be planned in the form of a quest and scavenger hunt or a treasure hunt are the best ways to accomplish this. This takes a bit of preparation ahead, but nothing can compare with the satisfaction of your kids and their guests will get when they figure out the clues.

Harvest The Magic of Nature

If your kid’s birthday takes place during the warm months, then you have one of the best allies when it comes to decorations – nature. Backyards are ideal for low-key and cheap parties, but with the right amount of decoration, they can be the most magical of them all. You can turn a birthday party into an enchanted forest party in no time. Of course, nature is the perfect setting, but this doesn’t mean you can’t do it indoors, too – that’s what fairy garlands, indoor trees, and toadstool chairs are for.

These modern times have definitely raised the bar of kids’ expectations, but, as you can see, creating a fairy tale world once a year is not that difficult. All you need is a lot of colorful balloons, equally colorful food, and a proper quest. All the kids will be thrilled to participate in ʽdrawing up a designʼ, and your backyard could prove to be a pretty magical place.

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