Visiting Clearwater by Car: Secure Your Vehicle!

Have you missed beach vacation? It is time to rent a car and take your family to Clearwater Beach. Avis car rental in Clearwater airport will take you to the island and beaches. The cars and fuel are cheap in the USA so than you can travel by rental car easily. What are you going to see there? Actually, the island has much to offer except for a beach walk. A variety of specific events and interesting beach attractions are waiting for you!

Clearwater Beach


Go to the beach!

Beach walk can be very pleasant, especially here, in Florida. You can go to the beach by car. The Clearwater beach looks like a broad windy space with white sand, clean water, and green palms, surrounded by resorts and different entertainments.

Take pirate cruise!

Do you want to go boating? A pirate cruise gathers people of different age aboard a pirate ship. That must be a very interesting adventure.

Watch dolphins!

The warm waters and warm climate of Florida invite you to watch dolphins. It is not surprising at all as Clearwater is a hometown of a legendary hero from the blockbuster Dolphin Tale.

You can do many more things, like visiting museums, aquariums, do water sports, and take relaxing massages. But before, you need to park your car.

1969 Ford Mustang Boss 502


You can’t take your car to the beach. You have to leave it on the parking spot and untie your hands to visit as many beach attractions as possible. There are plenty of parking options in Clearwater. But you must get there very early to leave your car near Pier 60 on a secured parking. The prices along the beach can be from $20 per day! Here are some tips to help stay safe in any parking lot, secured or not.

Parking Garage Entrance

  1. Choose your parking spot wisely

It would be great to park your car not far from that place where you are planning to stay. But if not, you can leave your rental car on a well-secured parking spot. You may use one of many special car parking apps to find the nearest parking and check prices hourly or daily. Besides, try to avoid parking between tall trucks, SUVs or other large vehicles.

  1. Follow Safety Rules

You are responsible for your rental car. That’s why you have to secure your car even if it is on parking. Remember, the vehicle thefts mostly happen because of drivers’ irresponsible attitude. You may forget to lock the door or leave the keys in the car. Here are precautions you should always follow:

Make sure all the doors are locked.

Make sure the windows are rolled up.

Make sure you put all valuable items including electronics, packages in the car trunk.

Take your key, telephone, and documents with you.

Here is another helpful app that can help you to secure your car. When you lock the door, you receive a message that your car is on the parking spot. If your car is stolen, you will receive another message. You should report the police and use GPS to find your car location. The parking app can also help you if you are lost in the city and forgot where the parking is.

1967 Plymouth Barracuda fastback

  1. Check surroundings

Leaving your car, check the territory inside and out. Are there any suspicious strangers standing nearby and watching you are leaving your car? In addition to this, be careful when moving on, especially when the parking spot is full. Try to keep walkways and crosswalks. Watch the cars, standing by and ready to pull out. According to statistics, most of collisions between vehicles and between cars and pedestrians happen in parking lots. As a result, you have a damaged car and have to pay for reparation if you forgot to buy the insurance.

Renault Sport Clio V6 Phase 2

  1. Use mobile apps

As it was told before, mobile apps can help you a lot in securing your car. First of all, there are apps that help you in finding a good parking garage near you. It would be great if you did it before you got to the point so that you can be sure where to go and how much to pay. If you are busy with your friends and suddenly receive a message from the parking app about meter expiring, you can use the app and prolong your parking time. Sometimes, you may have doubts if you have locked your car or not. You may use your mobile app to lock your doors distantly.

Traveling to Florida, people always expect the brightest vacation, luxury hotels, relax, and memorable moments. But one wrong step can ruin your perfect time and spoil your vacation. Never forget that the car, left in the parking spot unwatched and unsecured can give you a lot of trouble.

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