Orlando’s Disney World: 5 Tips to Save Up Your Money

Disney World in Orlando is probably well-known both among kids and adults. Children dream of getting there at any cost, and parents count the money required for a trip. Disney World is one of the most desirable leisure destinations in the world, but, alas, not the cheapest one. Nowadays, a regular pass to the park for children of 3-9 years old is $108, and for those who are over 10 years old – $114. This is the price for one day, so you need to use your time as effectively as possible. Therefore, if there’s a possibility to save a couple of dozen dollars, why it shouldn’t be used?

Well, the following 7 tips will help you organize your trip to Orlando’s Disney World even with a limited budget…

Choose the right time

A trip to Disneyland in the midst of summer vacation is a bad idea. In the high season, the prices both for tickets and hotels increase. It’s better to schedule a meeting with Mickey Mouse in the offseason, in the fall or spring. Disney World has statistics for each month of the park’s work, so you can check it out to find out more information about the number of visitors and rates. Avoid the tourist season to save money.

Ideally, you need to go not on weekends, but in the middle of the week. In addition to saving money, this will save you time, because you won’t have to wait long in the queues for the most popular rides.

Park your vehicle away from Disney World

Depending on the time of year, parking outside of Disney World can save you from a few dollars to an impressive amount. In fact, parking space near Disney World will cost you about $20-30. Therefore, if you use car rental in Orlando, it’s better to leave your car at a free parking lot. Disney World is easily accessible by public transport or by using the free shuttle service provided by many Orlando’s hotels.

I Found The Car!

Find a budget hotel

The hotels of Disney World are just incredible. Moreover, if you stay there, it gives additional bonuses while visiting the park. Unfortunately, the price for rooms can be quite high. You can easily stay at the nearby hotel that doesn’t feature a theme-park style. At the same time, it will be simply to get to both Disney World and the city center. Try to search for different options and you’ll definitely find suitable accommodation option at attractive price!

Buy souvenirs in advance

The first thing you’ll probably want to do in Disney World Park is to put on the ears of Mickey Mouse. Thus, think about buying them in advance and taking them with you.

My Friend Duffy

(photo by sidonald)

Souvenirs from Orlando’s Disney World can be bought in advance in the local Walmart or Target – it will cost much cheaper than purchasing what you want right in the park. These stores offer a lot of Disney theme souvenirs: magnets, plush toys, towels and a host of other trinkets. By the way, children don’t need to know about this little trick, so it’s better to give them these souvenirs already during the trip.

Bring snacks with you

It’s not a secret that the prices for food and drinks in such places as Disney World are simply sky-high. In case you grab a couple of bottles of water and sandwiches with you, you can save a lot on visiting Disney World. This option is absolutely legal, since it’s not forbidden to bring your own food to the park.

Mom's Meatloaf grilled cheese sandwich

However, if you decide to have dinner at a local culinary establishment, order one dish for all. Dishes in Disney restaurants are expensive, but they are also not small. So, it’s recommended to choose one serving for 2 persons. At first, order one large portion for the whole family, for example, a plate of French fries and chicken. If someone remains hungry, you can order something else.

Check your restaurant bills

If you still decide to dine at one of the restaurants in the park, carefully read the bill before you throw it away. It often contains discounts on some purchases and other pleasant bonuses. For example it can be a 20% discount for the entire amount of any purchase made in a certain period of the day. This allows you to seriously save on souvenirs or park rides. Be sure to follow this advice and carefully check out any bill you receive at Disney World. This can help you get a very advantageous offer.

Take photos for free

Of course, your children will want to take several memorable photos at Disney World, but the services of professional photographers will cost about $5 for 1 photo. There is a small life hack that allows you to get a professional photo for free or for a symbolic price. Just ask one of the many photographers standing around to take a picture by using your camera. Usually, they will be happy to help you.

The Fun Mr & The Mrs

(photo by The Mr and The Mrs)

Disney World is an incredible destination where adults and children can experience exciting emotions and spend a really exciting weekend. Want to visit it and save some money? Then follow the tips given above and enjoy breathtaking vacation in Orlando!

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