5 reasons why you must get rid of insects from your house

House pests have always been a reason for great worry for many. According to a new study conducted in North Carolina, almost five hundred above different species of insects can be found in your house. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that insects are able to seep into every small corner of the house and can go many years living there and crawling around without visibly being undetected.

Arthropods are one of the most diverse and successfully surviving species due to their ability to evolve and shield themselves from harsh environmental conditions. Many of these arthropods have long lived side by side humans for centuries. Insects have been said to cause over 6 million dollars’ worth of property damage every year and the number keeps on increasing every year.

Insects cause a serious threat in ways more than we can comprehend. Many pest control companies like Youngs pest control are actively working to eradicate the problems caused by insect infestations. If you still are doubtful about whether you should get your house disinfected here are a few more reasons that might help change your mind;

Insects can eat your house away

You might have noticed why old buildings that are abandoned usually end up rotting away. Though time itself is a huge factor one of the main reasons is pest infestation, mainly of termites. Termites cause so much damage not only to your wardrobes, wooden framework but in a matter of months might make a whole building collapse! Termites can eat away your clothes easily and it is usually hard to get rid of them without a proper pest control unit.

Insects indirectly drive in rodents

You might have noticed a cluster of rodents, flies, and lizards more than usual into your home. If that’s the case then insects are the only answer. Insects are usually food for reptiles and rodents. When there is a huge infestation, the insect population then drives in rodent or reptilian population. This is not only a danger in itself because of how many germs, bacteria, and diseases the rodents carry in their fur but they slide inside the wiring system and chip on the wiring network causing not only outbursts and short circuits but can cause a massive fire. A lot of insect infestations also end up attracting other dangerous animals to your underground pipes including snakes and we all know how dangerous that can be.

Pests can affect your health

While pests are very much capable of ruining parts of your home they can also cause a tremendous amount of damage to your health. There are many threats these pests pose and the biggest way to make it safe is to get their population under control.

The pests leave behind fecal matter that is sometimes hard to detect since it does not leave a foul smell. The fecal matter is filled with bacteria that are harmful to health especially if you have infants playing around.

Cockroaches and mosquitoes cause asthma and allergy. Due to the small body size of the insects, it is quite easy for them to slip into the house and contaminate the food and the environment bringing bacteria like salmonella and E.coli that may cause Lyme disease.

They make the foundations week

Many of us tend to underestimate the amount of damage a small insect can do mostly because it has a small size. Many insect species like termites, carpenter ants and powder post beetles feed on the hardwood and the foundations laid down to make the building. This is severely dangerous because the problem is hard to detect from the surface itself even while the damage is being underneath. Depending on the climate the infestations can always aggravate. Insects such as termites mostly live and feed on protein and plant cellulose and dextrose which means that houses made primarily of wood are at a huge risk of being completely demolished.

These were some of the hazardous effects of insect infestations in your house. It is important to get your house completely tested at least once a year especially when the climate is hot. If you see a lot of cockroaches, lizards, and rats around your house then it’s a sure sign that you’re due for an appointment with your pest control company.

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