Here are the 13 things you should have before you start packing to move

Moving is a tough task, especially if you are also doing your packing. It is important to plan everything out and take your time to make this task well-organized and easy. Give yourself at least four weeks to put everything in place.  Also, if you are packing your stuff by yourself – which more people usually do – having the right tools can help you with that task immensely.

To get started, you first need to determine where to begin.

Moving – You need a plan

Before you even start packing, make a list of items you will take with you. Separating the elements will give you the idea of how many boxes or other supplies you will need. Next, make a list of things for each box. It’s ideal to pack stuff of one room together in one or two boxes. It helps with unpacking, and your stuff wouldn’t be scattered all around.

Once you have these lists ready, you can have a good idea of how much supplies you will need. Having the right tools in hand, a task like packing becomes easier. We have put together a list of thirteen things you should have on hand before you start packing.

13 things you need for packing

Generally, you will need packing boxes of different sizes to accommodate all your belongings. However, that’s not the only thing you will need. Check out the list below:

1.Moving boxes

Before you turn to boxes, use the suitcases, bins, and other bags you already have. Carry your items in these regular household items, so you need fewer boxes to pack your stuff. Instead of buying, check with your local stores to find the used ones.

When using a box to pack stuff, always use a smaller one for the heavier item and bigger box for lighter things. It will make them easy to lift and move.

2.Brown packing tape

Of course, you must secure the boxes after you have filled them up. For that, you will need a packing tape. Make sure you have a brown packing tape in excellent quality so that it perfectly seals the boxes. Other than that, you can use duct tape, masking tape, and strapping tape to fulfill different purposes like labeling and reinforcing heavy boxes.

3.Box cutters

You need at least one box cutter before you start packing. It will help you quickly open the boxes if you need to make any last minute adjustments. Also, when you are unpacking, these sharp cutters will save you plenty of time by cutting the tape or box right away.


Don’t miss out scissors. In fact, have a few in hand to make both packing and unpacking processes easy.

5.Permanent markers

You can use thick, permanent markers to label the box clearly. If you are packing and labeling boxes yourself, this could be your best bet to easily identify which box belongs where and the items held in it.

6.Packing material

To pack all the fragile items, you must also get some protective packing material. While you can find proper packing paper or bubble wrap from the store, you can even use newspapers, magazines, sheets, towels, and clothing to wrap glassware and similar items to keep them from breaking.

7.Hand truck

A hand truck is vital if you have too heavy or too many boxes. If you are carrying the entire process of moving on your own, a hand truck will make things easy.


Ropes, bungee cords, tie-downs, and twines are essential packing items to keep your furniture and boxes in place while you carry them from one place to another.


It is for your own safety to keep your hands protected while moving.


These are mainly used for wrapping items like TV, mirrors, lamps, and fragile furniture.

11.Felt pads

If you tend to move your boxes around the house, felt pads will ensure your floor remains protected.

12.Cleaning supplies

The basic items like glass cleaners, dustpan, broom, and sponges can come in handy to keep the area neat as you pack.

13.Specialty supplies

To move items like crib boxes, mattresses, guitars, and lamps, you can find specialty packing supplies that you can purchase as per your need.

Final Word

Since moving is stressful, we usually tend to delay it until the last moment. However, the more you try to push it, the tougher it gets. The key is to plan and organize beforehand to ensure hassle-free, smooth move.

Having these items in hand will make sure you have a pleasant experience in packing and moving.

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