7 Green Flooring Trends for 2018

Each part of your house can be turned green. Considering how many sustainable materials and methods to renovate homes can be found, it is only a matter of time before you get an opportunity to refurbish your home with eco-friendly counterparts. If, accordingly, you get a chance to refurbish your floors, here are the 7 green flooring trends for 2018 you might want to look into.

1. Bamboo

As an eco-friendly flooring material that is made from a natural resource, bamboo is both attractive and durable. The secret of this material lies in its toughness and resistance to elements, mildew and some insects. Furthermore, it can withstand temperature changes and it can come in a wide range of textures and shades. This means that bamboo also offers aesthetic flexibility.

7 Green Flooring Trends for 2018

2. Recycled hardwood

Hardwood flooring is a top choice in every corner of the world, from the ice-laden Anchorage to the sunny Sydney. On the other hand, even though it’s both timeless and trendy, hardwood is mass produced which means that it is not exactly a universally environmentally friendly material. Still, you can always go for the recycled hardwood, which you can find in the designated establishments that deal in reused materials.

3. Eco-friendly hardwood

Still, if you are really keen to purchase brand new hardwood due to the fear that the recycled kind has been treated with toxic chemicals, there are ways to do this with a clear conscience. While you are discussing your options with a reliable flooring contractor, make sure that the hardwood you are purchasing carries an FSC certification. This “label” is a seal of guarantee that the hardwood material has been harvested from the forests that were responsibly managed, with minimal impact on the environment.

7 Green Flooring Trends for 2018

4. Green carpeting

Green carpeting options are becoming increasingly affordable and easy to find these days. Of course, in this case, “green” denotes “eco-friendly”, not a colour. A responsible establishment for carpet installation in Sydney will definitely have something durable and sustainable on offer. The key factor in the production of sustainable carpets is the exclusion of petroleum – a non-renewable resource which used to be a universal part of its production process.  

5. Cork

Cork can add a sense of visual warmth and a rustic, organic appeal to the environment. Moreover, it is a perfect environmentally friendly material for private interior spaces where people tend to spend a lot of their time barefoot. Believe it or not, cork also has fire-resistant qualities and it is very easy to maintain. As a blank canvas of a floor material, it is a good base texture for a number of styles, hues and stains.

6. Stone flooring

Even though materials that come from nature are not necessarily “green”, they are environmentally friendly. Stone is one of the natural products that are very eco-friendly, but if you want to purchase this type of flooring and stay green, you will have to go for the recycled. In spite of this, bear in mind that transportation of this heavy material will burn a lot of fuel, which is not exactly ideal for the immediate environment.

7 Green Flooring Trends for 2018

7. Vinyl tiles

Vinyl tiles are a controversial addition to many lists that discuss green flooring trends, but it is also necessary to point out the green side of this material. It is one of the most popular choices for large-scale businesses and buildings for a good reason – vinyl tiling can truly look high-end, plus it can mimic the appearance of stone, ceramic and hardwood, which goes to show that it has irreplaceable versatility in interior design. Above all else, vinyl is a sustainable material – it will last for a long time, and maintenance requirements are minimal which makes it an ideal green flooring choice.  

People tend to associate “green” with materials that are made from organic or natural substances, mostly renewable or at least recyclable. However, in the case of flooring options, it goes beyond these factors – there are also parameters such as logistics concerning the manufacture, toxicity, life cycle and maintenance. At the end of the day, you are bound to find the flooring material that fulfills both these parameters and your aesthetic goals.

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