Summer is here and it is the perfect time for you and your dog to go outside and get active. Just like humans, pets also get tired of just being ‘trapped’ for months in the house during the winters, they enjoy getting out in the sunshine. Taking your dog outdoors is a great way to bond which also ensures that they get the much needed healthy exercise, plus they also get a chance to socialize with other pets and stay healthy.

If you are thinking about what activities to try outdoors and how to make camping more fun for your pet, check out these amazing ideas!



Basic obedience from your dog is a must when heading out, especially the recall “Come” is the most important one. Having control over your dog will be safe for it especially if you are going out to an unfamiliar territory like a camping site.

If your dog is obedient, there are fewer chances it might bark and growl at other campers or fight with other dogs around. Still, even if your dog is very well mannered it is best to keep the leash on at all times just to be careful.



Protect the pet from troublesome ticks, mosquitoes, fleas and other pests found outside by using tick and flea preventives. You can also administer a heartworm medication before heading out.

It is best to talk to the vet in advance about the needed vaccinations against major diseases. Apply the flea and tick medication beforehand so it has time to start acting. If you plan a hiking trip, make sure to brush the dogs especially behind the ears, armpits and under the collar. Remember, these are the places where the ticks can easily hide.



While packing for yourself, pack a bag for your pup too, it needs to include all the essentials like food stored in plastic bags or airtight containers, bowls for both food and water, basic grooming tools especially a leash, a canine first aid kit, collar with an identification tag and your pet’s favorite bedding.

Dogs love being active so you can make the dog wear its own bag but make sure he can carry the load. Don’t forget to add a toy like a Frisbee so you can play together. The bag pack can also contain extras like a life vest, led collar for night time and a sunscreen if you might be going to the beach.



There are many local festivals that allow people to bring in their dogs with them, your dog is so going to love the sights and sounds. Make sure to carry enough water for both yourself and your dog and if you are going to a festival at the camping site during very warm months and also make sure you are protecting your dog from the intense heat with a sunscreen. But before all of this, make sure your dog is festival friendly.

Here are few ways to tell if your dog has the traits to attend a festival:

  • Has good manners and recalls
  • Comfortable in a noisy environment
  • Easily socializes with other dogs
  • Gets along with both adults and kids



Pack the leash, umbrella and an SPF and you are all good to go. Beach is an exciting place to spend time outdoors with friends, families, and dogs. Dogs just love to swim in the ocean and the beach will be an adventurous new environment. Don’t forget to carry the umbrella with you so you can both later relax in the shade when it gets too warm. The hot temperatures and the sun can be dehydrating so make sure you have water for the both you to drink. Interestingly, you can also plan a beach camping trip with your canine friend this summer. Just make sure you have the right canvas wall tent that will act as your home away from home.

Just with the proper preparation and planning, you can have so much fun outdoors which is a great opportunity to bond with your pet and experience the good things Mother Nature has to offer.

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