Thrilling Adventures: 3 Greatest Theme Parks of Orlando

The amusement parks in Orlando are the biggest attractions in Florida. Adventure seekers from all over the world come there to enjoy them. Thanks to this fact, Orlando became the fastest growing city in the whole state.

Theme parks, attractions, water parks and zoos occupy a huge area. Thus, there’s a special transport running between different parts of the parks and between the parks. However, some travelers use car rental Narcoossee Rd, which is also a very convenient way of getting around Orlando’s parks. At the entertainment centers even comfortable hotels are opened for those who don’t have the strength to get to the hotel located in downtown.

So, in order to decide which park of Orlando to visit, check out a short review of the most popular and interesting entertainment spots…

Universal Resort Orlando

If you consider yourself a fan of cinematography and are really delighted with special effects, then Universal Resort Orlando offers you to enjoy one of the largest and most modern entertainment complexes in the world!

Universal Studios, Orlando (440759)

Features of Universal Resort Orlando

Universal Resort Orlando is an exciting place that completely destroys stereotypes about such complexes. You won’t find there boring roller coasters and a lot of other common attractions. The place truly impresses and offers completely new adventures filled with grandiose special effects, shows and the atmosphere of your favorite movies.

All these entertainment venues are located not on super technological platforms, but right in the middle of lush greenery:

  • selection of stylized zones;
  • real ponds and lakes;
  • tropical locations with jungles and lagoons;
  • huge entertainment pavilions.

Each entertainment pavilion in Universal Resort Orlando is equipped with the most modern technologies. And it’s not without a reason, because this project was created by one of the most famous and large-scale movie companies.


The area of ​​Universal Resort is divided into 3 parts:

  • thrilling Islands of Adventure;
  • Universal Studios;
  • City Walk – a territory for relaxation, lunches and live concerts.

The huge territory of the park, even in the season of summer vacations, doesn’t create a sensation of flea market, as all the walking paths are spacious, and there’s a lot of space in pavilions. Universal Resort Orlando is a unique world of fairy-tale characters and amazing stylized zones, where you and your kids will feel happy.

Walt Disney World Resort

The coolest and world’s most visited entertainment center of Walt Disney World Resort is waiting for you all year round. This is the most spectacular park in Florida, and similar magnificent complexes cannot be found anywhere else. By the way, the total area of ​​the park is almost 100 square kilometers, which is equivalent to a small city.

Hollywood Boulevard at Disney Hollywood Studios

Features of Walt Disney World Resort

The park will take you into a huge world full of cartoon characters and breathtaking attractions. You will find there the best rides, slot machines and will be offered fascinating entertainment programs for adults and children. If you want to make a truly unforgettable trip to the fantasy world, then Disney World is the ideal place for such visits.

Walt Disney World Resort provides the following features:

  • each hotel, park area, themed area is decorated in a unique style;
  • amazing recreation areas are located throughout the territory. It’s not only noisy places, but also quiet, secluded areas for picnics and quiet family dinners;
  • local restaurants abound with the most outlandish dishes – you won’t find such unique tastes anywhere else in the world.


A fascinating world is located in Lake Buena Vista – Orlando County in Florida. Every year more than 50 million people come to this wonderful park in search of a true fairy tale. And they find it already at the entrance. After all, Walt Disney World Resort is a huge fairy city, which consists of 4 entertainment and 2 water parks, as well as 33 hotels! Also on the territory of the complex there are countless restaurants, cafes, and 5 golf courses.

Seaworld Orlando

Seaworld Orlando entertainment center is not just one huge complex, but as many as 3 parks on one territory, as well as several hotels. You can visit Seaworld at any time of the year

Electric Ocean

Features of Seaworld Orlando

The exciting entertainments of Seaworld Orlando include:

  • Dolphin Plunge – an amazing descent from the water slides, which runs through the dolphinarium;
  • public slides, equipped with additional safe areas for children;
  • water zone with a giant ship, towers, swings and children’s roller coasters, as well as trampolines.

However, the greatest pride of Seaworld Orlando is the zoo of marine animals, inhabited by 200 penguins, 42 dolphins, as well as many stingrays, sea lions, brown pelicans and even giant walruses and polar bears.

You’ll be able to see the amazing shows: huge killer whales jump over the water, sea lions, otters and walruses perform interesting tricks, and dolphins impress with their intellect.


If you are interested in the world ocean, then the water park will be a great place to visit. There’s a lovely Terrace Garde Orlando cafe-pizzeria in case you get hungry. Near the entrance to the amusement park Seaworld in Florida there’s Journey to Atlantis Palace, where you can walk and experience the spectacular fall from a high waterfall, as well a ride a roller coaster.

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