5 Ways That You Can Treat Your Bridesmaids

The members of your bridal party have been with you through it all, from dress shopping to wine tasting, and all for no other reason than that they care for you. Whether they are friends or family members, there is a reason as to why you have chosen them to be your bridesmaids; they are your nearest and dearest.


Whilst they expect you to go a bit “bridezilla” on them from time to time, keeping your cool will help you to maintain those important relationships, long after the big day. Treating your bridesmaids every now and then in the run up to your big day will help show them just how much they mean to you, so here are 5 special ways that you can treat your bridesmaids.


Take Them On A Pamper Day

Whether it’s just days before your wedding or a luxury spa getaway to begin planning preparations, your bridesmaids are sure to love spending time with you chatting all things wedding in a beautiful location. With so many different spa options to choose from, including specialist treatments, afternoon tea and fine dining, spas have almost everything you could ever want for a girly getaway.


Go On A Flower Arranging Course

This is a great thing for both you and your bridesmaids to do in the run up to your big day. If you are wanting to keep costs down for your wedding, then arranging and buying your own flowers cuts a big chunk away from the overall cost. A flower arranging course is often quite cheap to do and by taking your bridesmaids along with you, they get to learn a skill or two as well.


Buy Them A Special Gift

On the big day, emotions are sure to be running high. In the morning when you are all getting ready, why not hand out a special gift for your bridesmaids to wear for the day. A small token, such as a personalised bouquet clip or boho necklace to match your wedding theme, is something that they can use on the day and keep it as a memento. Bohemian jewellery is the perfect jewellery choice as a bridesmaid gift, as there are so many different styles available that you’re sure to find something to suit each bridesmaid.   


Have A Fun Sleepover

The night before your big day, having a sleepover with your bridal party is sure to be an evening full of fun. Whether you have a last-minute pamper session or cook a wonderful meal, having your best friends there when you’re sure to be full of nerves is something that you will remember for a long time.


Give Them A Bridesmaid Goodie Bag

Before the big day, giving your bridesmaids some small and thoughtful tokens of things that they can use to get ready for your wedding is sure to go down well. Include things such as face masks, a disposable camera to use during the day, a cute personalised robe or even just a nice candle. You can buy personalised tote bags or gift bags to put the gifts in for an extra special touch.

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