10 Ways to Make Your Backyard More Secure

We do everything we can to protect our homes, however, in this process, we often end up overlooking our backyard. The problem is that while you might think there is nothing of value in your backyard that needs protecting, a large number of burglars actually use this way to break into your home. Therefore, your yard is definitely something you should make an effort to protect from illicit trespassers – all the more so if you have expensive gear lying around. Here are several ways in which you can make your outdoor space more secure.

A good fence

First and foremost, make sure you invest in a good fence if you still haven’t. Make sure you opt for a style that is hard to climb: here, both the height and the design play an important role. Picket fences with pointy edges are a good choice, but you can go even a step further if you prefer more privacy. Just make sure the structure is sturdy but hard to climb. If you already have a fence, assess its security and upgrade it if necessary. Any damage should be repaired promptly as well.

Enhancing your outdoor lighting

Leaving your garden dark and unattended makes it a perfect target for burglars. However, they are more likely to be deterred if your backyard is well-lit and there are no dark corners perfect for hiding. To save energy, your best bet is motion sensor lights. These are inexpensive but excellent at making your garden more secure. Place them by entry points, stairs, patios, or even your fence. Whenever they detect motion, the harsh lights will turn on for a period of time, keeping burglars at bay.

Store your things away

Leaving things of value lying around in your yard is not a wise decision. Whenever you use your tools, make sure you store them away in a shed or garage afterwards. This also goes for bikes and larger equipment. If something is too large for you to store away (such as garden furniture), you can consider getting chains and securing it that way.

Getting pad locks

Another necessity when it comes to protecting your belongings is pad locks. These are inexpensive but they will give you peace of mind that no one can access your expensive tools and equipment. You should definitely secure your shed if you have one, perhaps even your gate or back gate, but you can also consider a smaller pad lock for your retractable hose reel. Just make sure you don’t lose the keys!

Keeping shrubs at bay

To increase your garden security, you should make sure you trim your shrubs and other greenery regularly. Letting them overgrow by your fence and under your windows provides a perfect hiding place for burglars. There are a number of landscaping techniques you can implement in order to deter uninvited guests – who would have thought a well-maintained lawn has such an important function!

Security cameras and alarm systems

To bring extra security into your yard, you can consider getting a security system installed. While this is a larger investment, it is certainly one of the most effective techniques of protecting yourself from burglars. These systems can include silent alarms that will notify you as well as the monitoring station if something unusual is happening, which is an extremely useful function, as you will be able to react even if you’re away at the time. Moreover, a very effective technique is making it clear that you have a security system in place. Display the appropriate signs or stickers and make sure your cameras are easily visible – this, alone, can be enough to send away someone considering trespassing, as they will be afraid of getting recognized.

Fake security cameras

Furthermore, building upon the idea that many burglars are deterred simply by the sight of security systems, you can also fake their presence and achieve a similar effect. Fake cameras with red lights and signs that alert people of their presence are also a viable method of protecting your backyard. However, be aware that in case a break-in does happen, these fake systems will do little to help the police catch the culprit.

Getting a dog

Getting a family pet and a lifelong friend may be more useful than you think. Besides giving you and your family laughs and a lot of fond memories, getting a dog for your yard is an excellent way to make it more secure. Of course, just having a dog will not give you a 100 percent sure protection, but who would not get startled by loud barking in the middle of the night? Burglars might be scared away by the fear of getting discovered, even if your furry friend is not the biting type.

The illusion of a dog

We mentioned the fake security system technique a little earlier, well, you can do something similar here too. Of course, you will not be getting a fake dog, but displaying “beware of the dog” signs on your fence or gate and placing a few dog toys and a bowl outside can create the illusion of a dog, which might have some effect.

Anti-climb paint

Finally, if you have easily accessible second-floor windows and facade features that make your wall easy to climb, consider painting your outdoor wall with anti-climb paint. This type of paint contains non-drying oil that keeps it wet and slippery over time. This not only makes it hard to climb, but the person trying to climb it will get their hands dirty, making it easier to identify them.

When protecting your home, you should not forget about your backyard either. Use these techniques in combination to ensure maximum security.

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