Top Tips To Look After Your Dental Health During Self-Quarantine

As coronavirus has rocked many of the countries around the world, it’s unfortunate that many dental practices are having to close to prevent the spread of the virus further. This means only essential emergency appointments are being treated, with many consultations being taken over the phone.

This means many of us are having to maintain our dental health at home as much as possible. Visits to the dentist won’t be available for a few more weeks. If you want to ensure that your teeth remain healthy whilst you’re staying at home, here are some top tips that can help you.

Brush Twice a Day

This is probably one of the most obvious points to make when it comes to your oral health. Every person should commit to brushing at least twice a day, once in the morning when you first wake up and just before you go to bed.

This should also include brushing your tongue to maintain healthy breath day and night. Brushing once a day leaves aspects of food that you’ve eaten throughout the day lingering in your mouth. Overnight this can cause harm to your teeth and gums as the acid continues to develop around your mouth. 

Order an Electric Toothbrush Online

Trying to manually brush your teeth manually can only do so much cleaning with a traditional toothbrush. Electric toothbrush sales have rocketed since their introduction and it seems more and more people are opting to purchase one. They are more mobile to your traditional counterpart and they can be more effective when removing plaque. It can also prevent less waste as the heads only need to be replaced compared to having to throw a full toothbrush away.

Remember to Floss

Whilst an electric toothbrush is great for tackling the awkward spots that you may not be able to get to through traditional brushing, they still can’t cover the bits in between your teeth. This is why flossing is essential to do after brushing.

You’ll want to minimise as much food being around your teeth as possible. Flossing can get to the tight spots between your teeth that can prevent them from deteriorating. Ensure you do this at least once a day before you go to bed.

Drink Plenty of Water

Not only can water have plenty of health benefits, but it can also do wonders for your dental health. Drinking plenty of water can help to wash away any acids that are sitting in your mouth. You can also be assured that they don’t have the sugar and acids that you get in fizzy drinks and alcohol.

Look After your Dental Health as well as your Mental and Physical Health

Although your local dentist warrington-based won’t be available for a few weeks, it’s still important that you can do what you can in self-isolation to maintain your oral health. In doing so, it can make things easier in the long term and also when you go back to attend your dentist appointment when they eventually open.

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