Alert! 10 foods that may shorten your life

The food you choose today affects – how you feel today, tomorrow or in future. Mantra to lead a healthy and stress-free life is no longer a secret, and many people have adapted themselves to change for a healthier lifestyle. Healthy food is important for a healthier life but daily workouts are also equally necessary to live a good life. You can gain the workouts training and guides by visiting here at The Gym Guides.

Good nutrition when combined with physical activity, your diet can help you to reach and maintain a healthy weight, reduce your risk of chronic diseases but then, there is delicious sugary goodness which crumbles our iron resolution to puddle. These mouth-watering dishes are simply a recipe for disaster for our body. So, here is the list of 10 food items that you should avoid like a plague to attain the goal of a healthy and prosperous life.

  1. SODA

This fizzy drink might have been our ideal companion since time immemorial but it’s time to learn hard truths, it has zero nutritional value and even gift us with the same aging effect as smoking. According to American Journal of public health daily 20-ounce serving of soda was associated with 4.6 more years of aging. The myth of diet soda being healthier is crushed as researchers show that drinking diet soda daily can expose us to 67% increased the risk of diabetes.


French fries are the best thing that could happen to a potato but sadly, that doesn’t apply to us mere mortals. This salty finger food is not only deep fried, but they’re also manufactured using the finest quality hydrogenated oil, which so kindly assures us of more trans fats in our blood cells, the greater risk of heart attack, stroke, and imminent, inevitable death.


Red meat refers to all mammalian muscle meat. The juicy hamburger or spicy steak might be enough to make you drool, but it has its fair share of sins and is the perpetual culprit from increased blood pressure to heart attacks, obesity, and strokes.

Sigh! Nutrition experts or health experts anywhere you turn, they make us feel overwhelmed by guilt to love the finest cut of the meat.


Alcohol tops the list of the food that decreases the longevity of our life. It has a direct correlation with heart problems and cancer. A recent long-term observational study, published in the journal European Psychiatry, compared 23,371 alcohol-dependent hospital patients to 233,710 non-alcohol dependent hospital patients over the course of 12.5 years revealed that “alcoholism actually reduces one’s lifespan by an average of 7.6 years.”

Dear people, it’s time to cut your drinks and opt for a healthy lifestyle.

  1. BACON

Oh-so-tasty thinly sliced strips of meat are actually lethal for your survival. Researchers found that people who consumed more than 160g of processed meat – such as sausages, bacon, burgers or salami – per day were 44 % more likely to die than those who ate the equivalent of only one slice of bacon a day. This brings us to a conclusion that one in 30 early deaths is a result of consumption of processed meat.


Americans drink enough coffee to fill about 40 Olympic size swimming pools. Scientific studies have linked daily coffee drinking to pancreatic cancer, colon cancer, lung cancer, heart disease, and early death. To all the people who intake more than 4 cups of coffee a day are more likely to die early.


Despite being crispy, the savory heavenly packet of goodness readily available to be a knight in shining armor from hunger, it’s a junk food loaded with heavy calories and a negligible amount of nutrients. It is outrageous to know that a pack of potato chips has the same effect on your body as drinking about 5 liters of cooking oil.

Every bit of food that we eat is a hideous cocktail of chemicals specially manufactured to kill us, thanks to the saggy regulation of FDA.

  1. FISH

It seems that we have polluted to an extent that our finned friends who were a great source of omega-3 acid — consumed on a regular basis, it reduces the risk of heart disease and strengthens the immune system, have adapted to store the certain toxic substances naturally within their bodies which indirectly reaches us back as a payback to pollute their serene home.


Unfortunately, the low-fat yogurt on the grocery list is devoid of probiotic bacteria. The manufacturers pasteurize the yogurt after fermentation, which kills all the bacteria.

They are indeed low in fat but overloaded with artificial sugar to make up for the taste that natural fats provide. Thus, I advise you to go for the general full-fat yogurt from grass-fed cows which contains live probiotic bacteria.


Delicate sugary delights are disturbingly unhealthy for our body. They are typically made with refined white flour, refined sugar and added fats, which are dreadfully high in Trans fats. These tasty treats have zero essential nutrients but have tonnes of calories in the deposit.

It’s high time for us to realize these preposterously delicious treats are bad for you. And remember the mantra “real food doesn’t need an ingredients’ list because real food is the ingredient.”

These are some of the foods that should be avoided in order to have a great and healthy life ahead.

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