Traveling Vegans: BEST Vegetarian Restaurants in NYC

There are many different reasons why people go traveling. Your smartphone is full of friendly options to rent a car in one click or book a restaurant. Buy the way; you are able to learn everything about the car price and characteristics beforehand as much as about restaurants. There is a question: How can you find a good restaurant while traveling if you are vegetarian?

So, if you are crazy about vegetarian food, you shouldn’t change your lifestyle. Let’s talk about New York vegetarian opportunities. Everybody knows that NY is a huge city. So, it is time to discover best of the best vegetarian eateries in every touristic NY district. You’ll be impressed by the variety of new dishes of broccoli and carrots!

Ananda Fuara Restaurant, San Francisco



Where in NY: East village

Can you imagine a big juicy burger without meat? It’s impossible! How about tasty vegan buns, tofu, tomato slices and other green components? What about French fries? You are offered to take salad of broccoli and eggplants spiced with hot chili. It’s more than enough to feel satisfied!


Where in NY: Chinatown

Vegetarian palace welcomes you with a wide choice of vegetarian delicacies. You should try fried rice with adding broccoli, beans, asparagus, and pseudo-beef instead of meat. Of course, the prices are not low. Only cash is available to pay with.


Where in NY: Nolita

This is a unique rplace that offers morning, dinner, and evening menu. What do you want for breakfast? You can take an avocado toast, baked with curry, coriander, and mustard seeds. For dinner you can take a sandwich. Evening menu offers vegetarian pasta with ginger and wheatgrass.

Curry Stuffed Eggplant with Yoghurt--3



Where in NY: Chelsea

This is a place where you can try traditional Mediterranean cuisine. Nevertheless, all dishes are made of green ingredients and free from meat. This is the most popular vegetarian place to eat in Manhattan. What about menu? You are recommended to try such vegetarian delicacies as fried artichokes, or popular cast-iron socca with smoked hummus. This is the best place to have dinner with friends.


Where in NY: Brooklyn

If you have enough money for taking dinner in Brooklyn, you should come to Govidan’s. You can find a unique combination of Indian and Western cuisines. So, how to spend your $15 in the best way? Just order a breakfast set that includes soup, salad, eggplants, cabbages, and potatoes. Also, you can order spinach, cabbages, and cheesecake.




Where in NY: Greenwich village

This restaurant is specialized in soya dishes. But you can combine it with the variety of crab meat, fried seafood, poultry, beans, even hamburgers, sandwiches, and cheesesteak. You can add something like vegan beer or wine on your choice.


Where in NY: Lower east side

Obviously, vegan cuisine is mostly based on vegetables. Here, in JaJa, the dishes are made of eggs, avocados, beans, and other ingredients of traditional Mexican cuisine except for met. There are dishes that are made of How about beats and pumpkin empanadas? The taste is impressive!

Green organic sprouts on sandwich



Where in NY: Bushwick

Just imagine, big bright plates full of fried pees, beats and red lentil. Does it look tasty? What else did you expect? Ethiopian cuisine is rich in vegetarian dishes. Also, it is rich in coffee. You can take part in coffee ceremony for free. It looks interesting and aromatic. Besides, you have a chance to learn how to make traditional Ethiopian coffee.


Where in NY: Williamsburg

This is a busy place in this part of NY. In short, this is the best visiting place for people to take some fast and comfortable food in the close to Brooklyn area. The menu is complex and vegetarian. So, what about nachos with cookies and souses? Also, you can take burritos for dinner, stuffed with chorizo, pepper, cabbages, and tofu. The choice is big. You can take tasty vegetarian sandwiches for lunch with sour-crout, pseudo-beef, and greens. What is for dessert? You can choose one of more than 10 sorts of cocktails!




Where in NY: Greenwich village

This charming cafe shows you all advantages of vegetarian life. Actually, there are two cafes in the city on different locations. This is a place where people go with their families to enjoy French fries, vegetarian ravioli, pumpkin sandwiches. You can also take a cheesecake with peanut butter, or raw pie.

It is not a problem for find vegan restaurant in such a big city as New York. They are can boast a wide selection of vegan dishes. There was the time when you were hard to eat out at all if you chose a vegan lifestyle. Nowadays, there are many eating spots that support vegan dining. Hope, you could find a new place to try vegan food in New York that you knew nothing about.

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