Reasons Why your Property is Not Selling And What to Do About It

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When you first displayed your house for sale, you might be hoping for a quick deal especially when you have spent a lot of money for the renovation and improvements of your house over the years.

However, it didn’t go well according to your plan. A house beside your property just got sold, but yours is still sitting on the market. Why are you not attracting any buyer?

Indeed, it’s a common problem for some, and the answers aren’t as complicated as they seem. These items below are some of the common reasons why some properties don’t sell.

Your Property is Overpriced

If your property is overpriced, you can’t simply sell it. Think of comparing your house to similar properties that were sold recently within your location to get a better idea of its real value.

A real estate agent can provide you accurate information and value of your home. Additionally, don’t make the blunder of taking on the cost of any improvements and renovations you have made. You can’t just expect that the cost of a home enhancements changes to added value.

Poor First Impression

Overlooking small things is easy, but they are the first factor that proposed buyers will notice. When your house offers poor first impression towards prospective buyer, probably they will look for some property that can attract their attention. Spending luck doing an entire home makeover is not yet necessary.

However, what people see first is the exterior of your property, and on that note, first impressions indeed last. Consider repainting the exterior side of your house and also go green by growing plants outside to soften sharp architectural lines and offer an organic feeling.

Your Hired a Poor Broker

Home sellers usually think they are making a better deal by choosing discounted real estate services. However, you often get what you pay for. If your property remains on the market for so long, maybe you should break up with your current broker.

Get yourself an agent who will make a full and active effort to sell your house quickly. Also, consider hiring an agent who will invite the prospective buyer for a dinner or a party, for example.

Too Much Personality

Sure you probably love the arts hanging on the wall and the family pictures everywhere, but potential buyers may don’t.

Further, if the selection of paint is something too much personalized to your taste, if that old rocking chair that has a sentimental value for you, and if you customized everything according to your preference, how can prospective buyers see themselves being in that property with their family?

What should you do is to detach yourself as well as the old pictures from your house. Repaint the walls with a neutral shade and choose furniture which is more universal.

It’s a Messy Property

If your property needs work, that’s one reason why it is still on sale. Every home has its blemishes. But if there are significant problems with your house, then you need to understand that it will reflect the price a buyer will pay.

The issues may not even be a major problem.  If the paint is dirty and dull, a gloss over can do the work to make the property more attractive, while costing relatively low.


Waiting for your property to be sold can be one of the most nerve-racking moments of your life. Chances are you can’t move to your new home until you sell your current house.

If you’re wondering why you can’t sell your house, the possible problems could be one of the factors above. To quickly sell your property, you can ask assistance from big real estate companies such as Rose & Jones to help you with your project along the way.


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