Top 4 Benefits of Quality Family Time Revealed

Family time…two words that aren’t near as popular or as widely known as they used to be. Today, most members of the family are so busy with their own lives that spending time together tends to be pushed to the back burner, as something that can be done another day. However, it’s important to note that studies have shown that quality family time can make quite a difference in the life of a child. From family dinners that help to improve grades to helping kids develop the parenting skills they’ll need in the future, this quality time has many benefits.

Family Time Leads to Fewer Occurrences of Drug Abuse

Studies have shown that teenagers who spend more time at home with their families are less likely to have problems with drug abuse. If a teenager has a secure home and a loving parent that takes an interest in everything they do, they are more likely to turn to their family with any problems they might have, instead of turning to drugs. If you’re having problems with your teen and suspect drug abuse, and you live in Washington state, you can find a rehab around Seattle that can help you and your teen get on the track to recovery.

Family Time Strengthens the Bond

The old adage that the family that plays together, stays together is very true. When you spend time together as a family, whether it’s eating dinner or curling up on the couch watching movies on a Friday night, you are strengthening that family bond. It’s also creating traditions that your children will likely follow when they have kids of their own. It’s important to remember, however, that this quality time together doesn’t have to just include technology, there are many ways to unplug and bond as well.

Family Time Means Greater Happiness for You All

It’s no secret that families who set aside quality time are much happier in the long run. Remember, for a long time, family is all that a child knows. From the time they are born until they grow old enough to go to school and get out and socialize with other people. Your home should be that place that you can always come to, making family time even more important than you would think. If a child isn’t happy in their home and their families barely seem to know one another, where do they go when they need comfort and love?

Family Time Opens up the Channels of Communication

Talking to your kids is so important as they grow older and spending time together can help to open up those channels of communication. Whether it’s taking a walk in the evenings or gathering around the dinner table, chatting just comes naturally when you’re consistently around each other. While your teens especially might balk at family time, you need to stand your ground as they are probably enjoying it a lot more than they are letting on.

When it comes to raising a teen, there’s no guide book to follow. However, by creating and fostering a bond, you’re helping to raise healthy children who will also be happy.

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