How The Body Reacts To The Cold (and What to Do About It)

Have you ever felt super cold and not quite like yourself? If so, you might have wondered if the chilly winter day was to blame. Is there a relationship between the cold weather and your mood? Let’s explore that topic today to help you create a home environment that’s ideal for you.

Coping with Cold Weather

In the winter months, many people get colds. Part of why that happens is that the body tries to make its temperature the same as the outside environment (and inside the home too). It does so as a reflex reaction to try to protect your organs and cells from any damage.

However, when the body gets cold, the blood thickens, and if that frigid weather continues, blood clotting can happen. The result could be strokes or even heart attacks.

Furthermore, a cold body can’t fight off infection as well, either. That helps explain why someone might develop pneumonia.

Given the above information, it makes sense to stay warm in your house whenever possible. After all, you can control the temperature more so there than you can control Mother Nature.

How to Warm the House

Below are a few ways to create a warm home environment:

Look at Your Radiators

Perhaps your radiators aren’t working as well as they once did. If that’s the case, then you can install new ones that provide the warmth you want for a bedroom, living room, bathroom, or another part of the home.

At Warmrooms, you’ll find steel column radiators and multi-column radiators that offer both function and style.You need never feel cold in your home again!

Pull back the Window Curtain

Pull back the curtains and let the sunshine in. Not only will the Vitamin D that comes from natural light help to improve your mood, but it will also help warm up the room. And, yes, the sun shines even in winter.

Make the Most of Shower Steam

When you shower, leave the door open if possible. Doing so will let hot air escape from the room and spread down the hallway into other parts of the house. This heat can be great for combatting any chilly air.

Last Thoughts on Cold Air and You

When it comes to feeling your best, take time to look at how to improve the heat within your house. Help your body feel comfortable so that you’re better able to go about your day.

From upgrading your radiator to opening the curtains, there are many ways to create a more comfortable home for everyone in it. After all, if you feel the cold, then the chances are that your kids and partner will, too.

Finally, when leaving the house in the winter, wear layers of clothing to help keep the body warm. Also, watch out for the seniors in your life: make sure their homes are properly heated, as keeping them healthy is extra-important given their vulnerabilities in their old age.

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