Alternative Places To Visit Besides London In The UK

Whatever the occasion for your visit to the UK, there’s more to it than just a trip to the capital city. Whether you’re looking for a romantic weekend break or a spot of adventure, there are great places that you can visit besides London, which is normally the prime destination for many tourists. If you’re unsure of what else you can explore across the country, read further on for some inspiration.



Home to The Beatles, Liverpool was voted the European Capital of Culture back in 2008 and offers just about everything you want from a city destination. Its based along the port where you can see great views of the boats sail past and it the city is filled with beautiful architectural buildings and parklands. During the night, you can enjoy the buzzing nightlife in Concert Square as the locals enjoy a night out on the town.



Around an hour’s drive away from Liverpool, you’ll find the other popular North Western city of Manchester. It’s extremely vibrant and has plenty of friendly locals to get along with. Manchester prides itself on restaurants and bars with plenty to visit in the city centre and around the surrounding area. If you want to watch a football game, you’re more than welcome to visit Old Trafford, the home of Manchester United Football Club.



Making our way up to Scotland, the capital city of Edinburgh is engrossed in culture and tradition. There’s no other place to take it all in than the Edinburgh Castle, which provides regular guided tours for people that come to visit. Why not take in some whiskey tasting at the local breweries where you can try some local Scottish whiskey that’s been produced right in the heart of the city.



Built up with local cottages and traditional independent shops, Norwich provides a very warm feeling when you come to visit. There is plenty of cafe’s where you can sit down and enjoy a cuppa or two and a trip to the Norwich market can offer you just about anything, from fresh fruit and vegetables to old record players.



When you first come across the River Cam in Cambridge, you might have thought you were riding along in a gondola in Venice, but no, you can indeed punt along with a friend or two in a boat. Not only that, but it’s also home to the famous Cambridge University, where you can explore their facilities and brilliant architecture. Then, when you form a bit of an appetite, why not tuck into some street food at foodPark.


Many seem to think that visiting London is the peak of the United Kingdom, but judging by this list, you shouldn’t be surprised that there’s more to the UK than just London. So, whether you’re just coming for a small trip or moving to the UK from US, Germany, Spain or any other country, be sure to hop on the train and find some alternative destinations to visit before heading straight to London.

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