How to Get Your Baby to Sleep through the Night

Your little bundle of joy may be a dream come true, but trying to get your baby to sleep through the night can be a total nightmare. No one said parenting was easy. Let’s see if we can get your little one sleeping better in his or her own crib, so your arms don’t become baby’s only bed, and that adorable baby furniture bought doesn’t become a place to store unfolded laundry.

Read on. Here are some tips to help get your baby sleeping through the night.

How to Get Your Baby to Sleep the Night Away

It’s important to mention that these sleep strategies are suitable for infants older than 6 weeks old. Newborns frequently wake for food, so it’s not wise to try and encourage them to sleep through the night – yet – your time will come!

Before Bedtime

Set Their Internal Clock

By in large, making sure your child knows the difference between daylight and nighttime is integral to getting them to sleep at night. During the day entice and keep your child stimulated while at night keep activities and feedings calm and quiet.


Throughout the day your baby will communicate their needs to you, whether they are hungry or have a dirty diaper or are tired – learn to read your kiddos cues. By being in tune with your child, this will help you know why they’re waking at night.  


Bedtime Routine

Babies love routines. Start creating a bedtime routine they can rely on. Bath, story, cuddles, etc., whatever works for you. Just use quiet activities to help wind them down and try to remain in their room – this helps make them more comfortable in their own space.

Security Object

Every kid has a security blanket or toy if your child is old enough to have a small object in the crib with them that smells like you – so carry around the object for the day. When they wake, they’ll smell your presence and drift back off.

Put Baby Down Awake

As much as you want the ease of the rocker or putting them to sleep via breastfeeding, don’t, your baby won’t develop the proper coping mechanisms to put themselves to sleep. So as much as it pains you put them down awake for a couple of weeks and let them self-soothe and find their own way to drift off.

Crying It Out

It’s going to tug at your heartstrings, but if your child is waking for no reason, give them a chance to self-soothe first. Running to their side will only further foster their dependency on you to put them to sleep. Instead of doing this cold turkey, give them warning you’re leaving and pat them if they cry and leave their bedroom. If they persist, go in after 5 minutes and give them reassurance by patting their back and share some comforting and loving words, then leave again. Repeat, as needed.

*For kids older than 4-5 months.*


Create the Proper Sleep Routine for a Restful Night Sleep

It isn’t just baby that needs a quality night sleep to help them grow, you need some shut-eye too to help you conquer your busy day! Try these steps and get your munchkin sleeping like a baby

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