Smart Software for the Seniors

Assisted living software is used to improve communication with residents and their families, as well as to increase the quality of the services delivered. InTouchLink senior living solution has been built from the ground up to service retirement homes, assisted living facilities and long-term care/skilled nursing facilities.

The usual protocol of this process is sharing of information amongst residents, family members and the seniors living in the community. But this software also allows the user to share the photos, videos and other event related information amongst connected communities. The objective of this is more participation and a collaborative effort. A simple “In Touch link” allows for a better user experience with its easy to use features and flexible options.

As a benefit to the staff members, it also offers a training or online education system for the staff members of the community. They can learn the system automation programs, operational program and other education programs to keep them trained and deliver excellence. There is a centralized system which maintains all the records of varied residents, their health reports and other vital data which may be relevant for the senior care in the community. Its features not just facilitate engagement of the seniors through music, games and other social media modes but it also helps them record their health reports and other health related data on the software system. This helps the staff take a proactive action on any such occasion or emergency. It also features mandatory training for training purposes, this platform also participates in standardized training for any compliance pertaining to benefiting the community at large. For example: sharing information vital for health of the residents.

An array of benefits offered

It provides prospective residents and families with a branded CD, allows them to keep informed of menus, activities and other community events. The new LiveCam, a dedicated TV Channel, internet and computers, and easy to use email can differentiate from the competition very easily. With the usage of this system, residents can; This gives them preparedness around how things work there and make the process comfortable for them when they move it. They can also keep this in sync to any other important event happening in the community and don’t miss out a chance at active participation (For example, a charity ball conducted to support the visually impaired children). Intouch Link has the ability to track the activity, provide a complete and regular report, and also a detailed feedback. This works very efficiently for marketing and advertising; when compared to other forms of media, promotional activities and advertising options.

Once connected with the community through the InTouchLink system, one can view and participate in varied community events.  This connected at all places approach allows room for better responsiveness anywhere on the go. The seniors, family members, residents and internal staff, all have access to this communication platform which InTouchLink offers as the next level of engaging people.

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