How to Dress up your Child for a Wedding

Dressing up your children for a wedding is always difficult. Dressing up your child has many factors and even though they might look the most adorable, but trust me, if they are uncomfortable they will take it off. I am going to provide you with all the best tips when attempting to dress up your child for a wedding. 


  • Comfort, The number 1 rule. 

This is the most important rule when it comes to children, if they don’t like it, they will take it off or they will complain, fidget and moan throughout the day so for your own sanity, pick something comfortable. 

My top tips for babies is soft, comfy material whereas when they get a little older they should benefit from layers, so if they get too warm they can remove a layer and it doesn’t ruin the look. 

Sometimes if you spend a little more money on designer childrenswear and it results in that comfort for your child and well made, durable materials, it’s worth it and they can always wear it again. 


  • Florals are forever fashionable.

Never rule out floral prints and patterns. Florals are a classic look on children at any kind of wedding, pastel colours are elegant and bright colours are vibrant, you can’t go wrong. 


  • Take inspiration from the Royals. 

If anyone knows how to dress children, it’s the Royals. There is a common vintage theme throughout the childrens clothing and lots of the childrenswear are often from affordable boutiques and stores. 

They tend to stick to a plain, pastel colour pallet and they always have a traditional, timeless aesthetic. 


  • Don’t rule out white however do respect the dress code. 

When your a female guest especially at the wedding, wearing white is a definite NO. However children can totally get away with it, white reflects innocence, purity and gives an angelic aesthetic, even though their not all angels. 

White, ivory or cream always looks beautiful in chiffon layers, ruffels, satin or tulle, they look perfect as a backdrop for embroidery patterns, floral prints or pearls and sequins. 


On the other hand, attempt to avoid the colour theme of the wedding, so try and veer away from the colours of the bridesmaids, flowers, page boys and flower girls. Attempt to go for a complimentary colour or the complete opposite. 


  • Go Matching!

There are plenty of options for boys and girls boutique clothing that offer matching adult and children outfits. How adorable is that. Find a suit and tie to match your own or a little dress to match yours. Heart-warming. However, you don’t have to be identical to be cute, a common colour between the family can also be extra adorable, it will also be easier to find lost little ones, or your husband…


  • Sweet little suits. 

How gorgeous is it seeing a child in a suit, whether it’s a three piece set or matching jacket and pants, it’s totally adorable and also very appropriate and smart, never rule out a suit, they can even take off a layer if they get too warm and the look isn’t ruined. 


  • Accessories are necessities. 

Little top hats, braces or bow ties are stunning on little boys and little decorative headbands or flowers on girls can look beautiful. A tiny corsage for girls or buttonhole for boys is also a great idea in order to pick up the outfit, however remind the florist to try and use magnets and not pins on the buttonhole.

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