Tips For Organising Your Wardrobe This Spring

If you’re thinking about giving your wardrobe a good clear out, Spring is the perfect time to do so! You will have a nice fresh wardrobe ready for summer and you will feel organised. So, let’s find out a few simple tips to help the process! Spending a couple of hours doing this now will save you plenty of time in the long run. 

Take Everything Out

The first tip we have is to start by taking everything out of your wardrobe and drawers. If you go through everything drawer by drawer, it will be much harder to see everything that you have. Plus, everything will be much more organised when you put it back in! 

Now that you have taken all your clothes and accessories out, you can start with the rest of the process. 

Create Piles of Clothes

Next up, you can start creating piles of your clothes. Split everything into categories, like denim, knitwear, dresses, trousers and shirts, etc. This will make it so much easier to have exactly what you want and you will also find it easier to decide what you don’t need anymore, as you can see everything right in front of you. 

You might have two similar jumpers, so you can sell one or donate one. Same with everything else, and you will eventually find that you will have so much more space when you put your clothes back into your drawers and wardrobe. 

Get Extra Storage

If you are limited in space, you should think of clever ways to utilise what you do have. For example, you might get drawers to go at the bottom of your wardrobe. This way, you can store bulkier things like knitwear that don’t necessarily have to be hung up. You could also opt for a shoe rack, so you can see everything clearly whilst also making the most of the space. Another thing you can do is invest in a hanging shoe storage for your wardrobe, that can either hand over your wardrobe door or on the main rail. 

You don’t necessarily need to buy whole new storage areas, so try utilising what you already have first! You will have so much more space to hang things that need more space, such as your luxury tracksuits

Vacuum Pack Out Of Season Clothes

For those of you who don’t have much space at all, you could create so much more by vacuum packing out of season clothes. When you are approaching the summer months, you can simply take all of the clothes you know you won’t be wearing, such as knitwear, coats and jumpers, and put them into vacuum pack bags. You can then suck all of the air out and store them somewhere that takes up far less valuable space where dust won’t get to them. This might be under your bed, on top of your wardrobe or in the loft.

When you then approach winter again, you can take everything out and replace it with your summer clothes. This might take an hour or so to do twice a year, but it will make sure that everyday life is much easier as you will have so much more space!

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