How To Get More Space In Your Bedroom

Having a place to rest your head is great, but when you have a small room, it can be difficult to visualise more space. The truth is that there is always an extra inch that can be used to your advantage. In this article, we will go through some tips on how to get more space in your bedroom. 


Remove Large Bulky Standalone Furniture

Standalone wardrobes are much cheaper than built-in alternatives, but the main issue with these is that they are all often very chunky and they don’t sit flush with your walls. This wastes valuable space from the sides and above. When one opts for more custom furniture made to measure, it will not only give you a lot of extra room and more storage, but you will also notice how much tidier and cleaner the bedroom looks.


Dedicate One Side of the Room for Wardrobes

Having a wall dedicated to being a wardrobe is a perfect investment for your bedroom. This way, you know how much space you actually have. Not only are they the most practical solution for more space, but they also hide your clutter or mens streetwear. It also transforms a room if its done properly. The great thing about this is you can choose any built in wardrobe you want and have them coloured to your preference. This adds a lot of personality to your room. If you have smaller rooms, you could look at more shallow wardrobes and have them in light colours to keep the room looking bright and airy. 


Reduce The Size of Your Bed

Everyone would like to have a super large bed, but unfortunately, this doesn’t happen. With homes being made smaller and rooms even smaller, it’s simply not possible to have a super or king-sized bed in your bedroom if you care about space. By opting for a simple double bed over a king or super king can give you an extra 20 inches to your bedroom. This completely depends on how important bed space is over room space, its definitely a hard decision to make, but many can’t have the best of both worlds. The best investments are beds that have built-in storage in the form of drawers or the bed lifts up for a extra storage under it. 


Add An Ottoman To The End Of Your Bed

If you were looking at adding more storage to your bedroom, having an ottoman can serve as both storage, a place to sit and also a stylish addition to your space. This addition sounds like it will take more space, but if you have a thin room that doesn’t have enough space for a full wardrobe, this is a great resort. Ensure you stay light with all of your colour schemes as this is what is going to help your room look larger by making it light and airy. 

There are many fantastic ideas out there on making your room look larger, but by following some of these tips, you will find that your room is going to feel much bigger. 


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