Open Space Home Design Tips 2019

Modern homeowners want a large open floor plan and spacious design. Space means luxury. Innovations like stylish stair glass railings, minimalistic furniture choices, and cohesive monochromatic color all contribute to an expansive and elegant home space. Enjoy the calm and beauty of simplicity with these top trending design tips for 2019.

Embrace Simplicity and Clarity

Create the illusion of infinite space with glass. Install elegant stair glass railings. These durable railings expand space by allowing you to see the organic architecture of your home. They give your home an open aesthetic. Made of durable materials, glass railings can be installed safely by professional contractors. Families with small children do not need to worry about little arms and legs getting stuck between dangerous slats or openings of traditional rails. Glass is tempered and several times stronger than regular glass. The glass will not shatter, rot, or deteriorate, giving your home years of luxurious simple beauty.

Embrace minimalistic open space design with simple monochromatic furniture. Place tables, chairs, and bookcases away from walls. Place couches and coffee tables over a lush area rug for a cohesive look. Use natural materials like wooden bookcases and original artisan woodworking. Accessorize with greenery. Maximize natural lighting.

Avoid Clutter

Be mindful of your furniture choices, even in busier areas like the kitchen or living area. Showcase select unique items and photos that emphasize your unique taste and experiences. Identify key areas that are prone to disorganization.  Use innovative storage spaces to hide books, toys, and electronics. Some options are ottomans with hidden storage areas, large antique chests, or custom kitchen cabinetry. For smaller homes and apartments, innovative design ideas maximize space creatively. To minimize furniture clutter, choose multifunctional items that will save storage area.

Use Monochromatic Color and Light

Tie all the elements together with a single neutral color like ivory, pastels, or grays. Choose furniture, paint, and cabinetry of the same shade. You can tie together different rooms with a simple color scheme. Combine white, gray, and an accent wall in blue or green. Incorporate lighting fixtures and natural light to brighten the room.  Avoid dark spaces by leaving windows curtainless and installing custom lighting.

Don’t forget the floors, stairs, and ceiling when considering color options. Choose the same color for the floor and ceiling. Add area rugs or accent rugs. Paint your staircase the same color as the floor to coordinate the spatious feel. White window and door frames add to the overall open look.

Add Accent Colors

For more impact add accents in black or choose a bright yellow or red as the accent color instead.  Use the accent color for throw pillows, accent rugs, picture frames, and napkin rings.

Avoid adding too many knick knacks to keep the simple open design. A focal wall, painted in a rich contrasting color, can emphasie key features of your home like an open bar or art collection.

Achieving an open floor plan involves innovative design and a basic color scheme. Reimagine your space. Enjoy the luxury of simplicity.

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