Put a Duvet Cover on with Minimum Effort by Rolling It Like a Burrito

There’s no doubt about it. Changing a duvet cover is a giant pain in the behind. From twisted, tangled sheets to endlessly searching for the corners of the duvet, putting your duvet cover on is often an uphill battle (even if you wash it less frequently to be green). Luckily, there’s a handy trick to help that more people absolutely need to know about and it might just have something to do with your favourite comfort food. Read on to find out the secret trick to making your duvet that requires next to no effort, because putting on your favourite duvet cover shouldn’t be so hard.

  1. Preparation

Flip your duvet cover inside out and lay it flat on your bed with the opening at the bottom (resist urge to burrito roll yourself in the duvet cover). Grab your duvet, shake it out for good measure, and lay it flat on top of your duvet cover while lining up duvet and duvet cover edge to edge.

  1. Rolling Action

Next, start rolling your duvet and your duvet cover tightly from top to bottom like a burrito (resist the urge to cover it with cheese and microwave it). Once you get to the foot of the bed, you should have a tightly rolled duvet and duvet cover right at the edge of the duvet opening.

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  1. Stuffing Time

Now comes the crazy, hectic part: pull the inside right cover edge out to expose the outside of the duvet cover and tuck the burrito’s duvet and duvet cover inside the edge. Head down to the other side of the bed and do the same thing on the left edge. You should then end up with the outside of your duvet cover showing the width of your duvet.

  1. Unrolling Action

You’ve saved the best for last. Start to unroll the duvet back towards the head of the bed, one side at a time. The static might cause the duvet cover to stick to itself a bit, but you should end up with your duvet cover right side up (and right side out). Zip or button up the cover, fluff it up for good measure, and you’ve just made magic happen!

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  1. Bonus Round

The best part is, this trick also works in reverse. Simply roll your duvet back up, flip out the edges, and unroll to remove your duvet cover in one easy move when laundry day rolls around. Gone are the days of shuffling from side to side around your bed, stubbing your big toe on the edge of your bed frame, knocking your head on the ceiling from standing on the bed, and all the other perils that come with changing a duvet cover. You are very, very welcome. Find out more household hacks here that you’ll wish you had known sooner.


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