How to Avoid Travel Burnout on a Long-Term Trip

Whether you’re flying, driving or sailing away, the prospect of a long journey can be incredibly exciting. There’s the anticipation of adventure. There’s the hope of meeting new people and trying new things. There’s also a lesser acknowledged event: there’s the inevitable travel burnout. Travelling is fun, but it’s also exhausting. You may have time to rest while you’re travelling, but it won’t be like resting in the comfort of your own home. Then there’s the fact that travel throws off your eating and sleeping, your whole mind and body can suffer.

While a little travel fatigue is inevitable, you can prevent total exhaustion by following these tips for long-term travel. Read on!


1. Stay Hydrated

Because travel necessitates that you eat foods you would not usually consume, your tummy can experience trouble. Travel constipation is a common phenomenon of longer journeys. Drinking enough water — at least 8, 8 ounce glasses a day — is one of the best ways to ensure your digestion runs as smoothly as you hope your travel plans do.


2. Eat Healthfully

You don’t have to eat perfectly, but eating as many clean, whole foods as possible will do wonders to keep up your energy levels. Junk food is tough on your system and can zap you of your energy. Eat well, and you’ll have more pluck for your travels.


3. Be Active

It’s one of Newton’s laws of movements: energy begets energy. If you want to have the pluck to really embrace your trip, be sure to walk as much as possible. Stretch. Swim. Play. Grab a quick sweat session at a hotel gym before you have to jet again. Not only will exercise help you physically feel invigorated, but it will help you feel better, too.


4. Keep Your Space Neat & Organised

Living in a disordered mess can make your trip harder than it has to be. You won’t know where anything is from one moment to the next, and searching for your camera or map or passport or flip flops or sunscreen will take a lot of time, and drain you of your energy. Spare yourself this exhaustion. Make sure everything in your luggage has a place, and that it always goes back there. If you’re staying in a hotel, don’t trash the place. Keep it at least a little organised so you know where your key card and money and important papers are when you need them. If you’re driving, keep the car tidy. Throw out your garbage at regular intervals at rest stops and gas stations. Protect your upholstery with quality car seat covers so you don’t have to steam clean your seats.


5. Schedule Rest

Finally, let’s talk downtime. This is by far one of the best ways to not only avoid travel burnout, but recover from it. A grueling travel schedule can take its toll on even the most robust adventurers. Be sure to schedule time to rest. A little R&R will ensure you have the mental and physical energy to really enjoy your trip.

Happy travels!

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