How to Dress your Child up as Captain America for Halloween 2018

Halloween, one of the most awaited holidays of the year, is right around the corner. As exciting as it is preparing for trick or treaters, decorating the house and carving pumpkins, it can also be stressful for parents to yet again find an incredible costume for their little ones. However, the parents need not to worry, as they can never go wrong with a superhero costume. What better superhero is out there than Captain America? He is strong, brave, classy and above all a true patriot!

The Basic Outfit Prep  

So how does one dress up their child as Captain America? Well, firstly they will need to find a blue bodysuit. It could be a one or just a plain one. The padded one, however, will be closer to the real thing as it will have in built abs and muscles. Next on the list should be the red pair of boots and gloves. These could easily be found at any shop.

Did Captain America ever come without his Shield?

Captain America cannot just cannot be complete, without his mighty shield. This could be made easily at home, given that DIY resources are available. One should be cautious of the weight of the shield because the kids will be running amuck from door to door in search of candies and it will be unfair if in their happy times, they are held back by the weight of the shield. Cardboard, lots of it will be the ideal material to use, as it will be weightless yet, sturdy.

Accessories Elevate your Outfit!

Now, many parents tend to ignore accessories that just brings that x-factor to the costume. This time around what parents can do, is get their little ones a Captain America wallet which you can find on The League of Geeks online store. These wallets can be used after Halloween too and can make them feel like they are a superhero, even on normal days! There is a variety of wallets on the site and another type of a wallet is a tri-fold one. These types of wallets are ever timely and classy. They are perfect for carrying cash and your child could use this one the day of trick or treating because emergency cash is always helpful. The dark blue color of the wallet with a Captain America logo attached to it on the side will easily ensure your child having the coolest wallet among their friends.

Captain America is for Girls as well!

Parents of little girls who are obsessed with superheroes can be a bit reluctant dressing up their daughters as Captain America. However, no girl should be stopped from dressing up, as she wants, based on the general perception that boys usually wear the costume. It is 2018! Of course, little girls could and should dress up as their favorite hero. For parents who do not want their girls to wear the bulky blue suit, they could make this costume creative and girly if they want. The perfect option for them are the Captain America themed knee length socks with wings that are just too adorable to look past. Couple it with a blue t-shirt frock, these socks with puffy 3-D white wings on each side of the leg will make the ideal costume. It will be the perfect twist on the classic superhero costume.


Halloween is the time to be creative and this combination will surely make both, the little girl and the parents, happy. Dress your child as Captain America to make the most of this Halloween.

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