Having Healthy Lifestyle by Going Barefoot

Our feet are complex mechanical wonders and they are designed to withstand huge impacts. In fact, many people find comfort from being able to stay barefoot. When we roll out of bed, brush our teeth and wash up, we do it by being barefooted. In modern lifestyle, we spend hours wearing shoes and we often feel relieved once we are able to become barefooted again at home. Obviously, it is not socially acceptable to become barefooted when we are at office or important marketing presentation. However, you should consider becoming barefooted when you have the opportunity, because it represents a healthy lifestyle. In fact, you will be more than happy to kick off those sweaty uncomfortable shoes and heels. Footwear is simply unnatural additions to our lives and we don’t have to wear them constantly.

 You should let your feet to breathe and it is a good thing if you are able to take one step further, by allowing your bare soles to hit the grass on the lawn and dirt at hills. We often ditch our footwear when we play on beach and we know how wonderful it feels. Feeling the cool ocean waves that hit our feet for the first time can be among the best sensations possible. The feeling of fine sand and seawater brushing between our toes is simply invigorating. Now, try to imagine that if we can stay barefooted for the whole day. This would be a great opportunity for our toes, arches and heels to breathe and stretch, after being compressed inside shoes and heels for hours during workdays. You should look for an opportunity to bring your feet back to their natural state.

You should designate a 24-hour period where you can become completely barefooted at outdoor settings. If you can only do this once a month, then you should do it, because you will feel how invigorating it is. Imagine running around on the grass and dirt without being constrained by footwear. You should allow your bare soles to stay in contact with any surface uninterrupted. You should realize about the health benefits of becoming barefooted. Unfortunately, our modern society often sees barefooted lifestyle as being unprofessional, uncivilized and unsanitary. On the other hand, footwear is often seen as fashionable and sophisticated. It means that people who choose to have a complete barefooted lifestyle can lose their social life and livelihood.

The real benefit of being barefooted should be quite significant and you should know about the challenges that it represents. The key factor in preventing permanent barefooted lifestyle is our financial and social factors. However, this is your own lifestyle choice and you can still become barefooted as much as you want. By becoming barefooted, your ability to support the family, pay the bills and put food on the table can be affected. It is important to decide, whether we want to sacrifice things that we are passionate about. You should know about things that can bring you happiness, instead of only wealth.

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