Women’s Performance Clothing With A Twist

Women’s workout clothing isn’t just about comfortability and performance. Though they are highly important, it’s not the definitive factor as to why a woman would purchase the clothing. In fact, aesthetics increasingly play a big part, with more emphasis being put into the fashion side of athletic wear than ever. This is because workout clothing isn’t solely being used for the gym anymore, it’s worn as comfortable everyday loungewear.


In addition to this, more and more people are looking at the ethics behind the brand. A staggering 66% of millennials worldwide stated that they are prepared to spend more if the brand is sustainable. The sportswear industry have taken this in their stride, and many brands have now created wonderful ranges, with ethical practices behind every pieces. Here’s some of the best women’s performance clothing brands with a sustainability twist:




Based in Salt Lake City, UT, Cotopaxi is a company committed to changing the world for the better. Their dedication to sustainability is reflected throughout their sportswear collection, and a percentage of their sales is donated to alleviate poverty around the world. The clothing itself is made from recycled scrap materials and turned into gorgeous outdoor wear for the modern woman.





Horizon Athletic is a brand based in Australia, with a passion for saving the ocean. How? By targeting plastic waste. Their active and swim range is made with a recycled fibre from abandoned fishing nets and other consumer waste. Their sporty swimsuits and high waisted gym leggings stand out and are designed for optimal performance

Fibre Athletics



If you’re looking for performance wear that’s organic and eco-friendly, then Fibre Athletics may be worth a browse. Their apparel is made with body safe, biodegradable technology that absorbs sweat for a more comfortable workout. Like Cotopaxi, they also give a percentage of their profit to various charities standing up for sustainability.

Girlfriend Collective



The Girlfriend Collective is an athletic brand with a difference. They pride themselves on being completely transparent when it comes to the clothing supply chain, from manufacturing to your front door. Their clothing is made in a family-owned Taiwanese factory. The garments themselves are made from recycled plastic water bottles, and the dye’s they use don’t have toxic chemicals.

Outdoor Voices



This sustainable brand aims to make clothing for everyday activities, not just the gym. Their clothing is produced from sustainably sourced merino wool and recycled polyester made from plastic water bottles. Another one of their main focuses is making sure their working conditions are a high-standard, providing a good work life for their staff.


The Future Of Performance Clothing

Athletic wear brands are amongst the many businesses, across various industries, that have started taking sustainability more seriously. Companies will need to adapt if millennials are now stating that they’d rather support eco-friendly brands, even if it costs more money. Budget-friendly brands will be the next to do well in this sustainability wave, as most eco clothing is still priced highly. It’s an important topic that is beginning to change the spending habits of the next generation.


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