How To Prepare For Your Road Trip Around Scotland

Going on a road trip around Scotland is one of the best ways to experience everything the highlands have to offer. Get up close and personal with nature, park on top of mountains overlooking stunning views, and venture where famous explorers had done hundreds of years ago, all from the comfort of your own home. Of course, some preparation is required for this kind of road trip. But have no fear. We’re going to talking you through everything you need to know about travelling by motorhome around Scotland – so read on to find out some great tips.

1.) Base of Operations

The most important factor in a successful road trip around Scotland is buying the right campervan. After all, this is your base of operations, so it needs to feel homely whilst also being appropriate for highland travel. Fortunately, it’s easy enough to search for motorhome dealers Scotland and get a great offer on a campervan which is ideal for a road trip across the mountainous regions. This also means you don’t have to worry about vehicle servicing for your holiday. Have a look yourself and find the perfect portable home for you.

2.) Mapping a Route

Once you’ve travelled deep into the Scottish Highlands, there will be very little civilisation around you. Phone reception will also be limited. If you were to get lost, it would be difficult to call for help or use google maps for directions. Therefore, it’s important to plan where exactly you’ll be going, so you can avoid taking a wrong turn and getting lost. Don’t forget to bring a physical map with you. Though they might seem old-fashioned nowadays, they’re essential for this kind of road trip.

3.) Wrap Up Warm

The Scottish Highlands are the very northernmost point of the United Kingdom. Even during the summer and spring, they can be freezing. We recommend bringing spare blankets and thermal gear on your road trip, regardless of the season. Waterproof clothes are also a must. No matter how sunny it looks outside, the weather can quickly take a turn for the worse in Scotland. As a result, the terrain is incredibly boggy – so remember to bring a good pair of walking shoes that are water-resistant. You’ll thank us later.

4.) Worse-Case Scenarios

This isn’t meant to put anybody off going on a road trip around Scotland, but it is always best to plan for worst-case scenarios. Especially in places where the weather is so tumultuous, and the terrain is notoriously difficult to travel across. Don’t worry yourself too much though. This is all part and parcel of what makes an adventure. Now we’ve gotten that precursor out of the way, let’s move onto what emergency supplies you’ll need. Bring first aid, flares, jumper cables, flashlights, non-perishable food, bottled water, spare oil, engine coolant and a fire extinguisher. This covers everything you’ll need in case of an accident or breakdown.

That’s our list of everything you need to prepare for a road trip around Scotland and its highlands. Now go ahead and enjoy the freedom of travelling wherever you want with your motorhome.

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