Matthew Davies Stays Healthy with Vitamins


Vitamin supplements are a great way to boost our health. Matthew Davies found that out before doing serious damage to his health. For a few weeks, he was feeling sluggish and constantly tired. After talking to his primary care, the suggestion of vitamin supplements was given to him. It changed his life


It’s Difficult to Stay Healthy

Everyone knows we need to eat healthy to have a long life. Limiting processed foods, sugars and fast food, in general, is a great way to live by, but with our hectic lives, it’s not always possible. Some people genuinely do not enjoy cooking. Preparing food at home is the ideal way to know for sure what is fueling your body, but with a time constraint, the easy way out is often the solution. Vitamins are a great way to make sure your body gets all the nutrients it needs.


With the way we eat, consuming fewer fruits and vegetable, or consuming them in processed forms, such as juices, our bodies are screaming for fuel. An easy fix is with sugary foods and drinks. While giving you a momentary boost of energy, your metabolism is taken on a roller coaster of fast burning processed sugars and low energy fuel. This can lead to obesity and a slew of diseases associated with excess weight. Your metabolism will stock up on fats to burn as energy later, but being low energy fuel, will pack on more and more in order to keep you alive. The ideal solution is to lead a healthy lifestyle and eat proper foods, but barring that, a well-balanced multivitamin regiment can provide the nutrients your body craves, helping you keep a more balanced metabolism.


Over time, having vitamin deficiencies can lead to chronic diseases as well as wreak havoc on your hormones. Vitamin D is essential to keep healthy bones, and also helps reduce depression. Often called the sunshine vitamins, it is absorbed greatly via the sun’s rays. With our lives keeping us indoors most of the day, we get limited access to the sun, leading to a low vitamin D level. While not lethal, it can lead to depression, as well as brittle bones later in life. Low levels of Magnesium can lead to heart diseases and it has been proven that the correct level of magnesium can prevent heart failure.


The food we eat, even while eating healthy, can also be lacking in nutrients. The way we farm our produce, using greenhouses instead of natural growth, greatly diminishes the number of vitamins in our fruits and vegetables. In order to have fresh produce that will keep for more than a few days, they are picked early, before being ripe, and artificially ripened using gas. The taste, color, and texture are greatly affected, but the greatest loss is in what is inside.



With the simple addition of multivitamins to your morning routine, you will find yourself with a lighter spring to your step. Slowly, aches and pains will diminish. Matthew Davies found himself a happier, healthier man by adding a simple step to his breakfast. We hope you will too.

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