European Destinations Everyone Should Visit At Least Once

Whether if you’re from Europe or not, there are several places which everyone should visit at least once in their lifetime. From cities to seasides, Europe provides a wide variety of sceneries that are very likely to impress even the most sceptical individual. Let’s analyse some of them in this small guide.



Berlin is a city with a strong dualism, possibly the strongest in Europe. The separation of World War 2-related locations to see and a bubbly nightlife, with a strong independent artistic scene, makes Berlin an incredibly amazing city, which will satisfy even the hardest palate. If you’re fancying a classic night out, pub crawls are extremely cheap and can be booked online for as little as £13!



Italy’s gem and home of three-quarters of the entire world’s culture, Rome is the go-to place for everyone who wants to embark on an artistic journey around the Roman empire, whilst enjoying Italian’s world-renowned food. The best part about visiting Rome? The fact that all the main sites are within walking distance between each other and they are almost totally free!



London is a melting pot, a city which never sleeps with a lot of things to see, whether if you want to take a look at traditional British culture or if you want to join the bubbly nightlife which the city offers. London is also a great place for the food fanatics who will be, in fact, enlighted with a variety of ethnic (and traditional) eateries. Given the renowned priciness of the city, checking for restaurant deals or using the Dines app would be extremely beneficial, especially if you’re on a budget.



If you want to visit Spain, Barcelona could be a great pick, given the fact that it could satisfy both the ones who want to see the historic, traditional part of the city and the ones who want to party or simply enjoying a different environment. Monuments like “Sagrada Familia” are something which everyone should see at least once in their life.



Home of the Eiffel Tower, the so-called “city of love” is a magical place which everyone should visit in person at least once. The combination of art and traditional French culture, combined with a variety of cuisines available, will satisfy everyone. Paris is definitely a magical place to visit for a couple.

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