Las Vegas Night Life: 5 Spots for Full Relaxation

On all continents Las Vegas is associated with riotous fun, luxurious casinos, five-star hotels and, of course, noisy nightclubs. Tourists from all over the world come to Las Vegas for the best parties and the brightest nightlife in the world. There are no similar establishments in the city, that’s why each of them offers interesting entertainment program and a unique atmosphere!

So, we’ve prepared the list of the greatest Las Vegas’ clubs, which should be visited by every fan of nightlife.


The most popular nightclub of Las Vegas is XS, where visitors can easily spend more than one thousand dollars without any regrets. Here the best DJs and the most incendiary music sounds appear. The club is located in the Encore at Wynn Hotel. However, other popular Las Vegas’ clubs are also located in various hotels of the city.

CES 2012

A fashionable club amazes with its great scale and luxury. It should be noted that there’s a special dress code. If you want to stand out and go XS on a chic Ferrari, then exotic car rental in Las Vegas is what you definitely need. The territory of the club covers the area of 3,700 square meters: there’s a large dance floor with gilded chandeliers soaring above it, as well as 30 luxurious and cozy gazebos located around the luminous pool with a bar. The club’s interior fascinates and impresses with its gilding, stucco and crocodile leather trim.

The club has its own “chip” – this is a wonderful cocktail called “The One”, consisting of two ingredients: elite French champagne “Dom Perignon” and French brandy “Remy Martin Louis XIII Black Pearl”. After drinking a glass of this extraordinary cocktail, the price of which is $10,000, a surprise awaits you at the bottom. For example, it can be jewelry in the form of men’s silver cufflinks with a stingray leather insert or a necklace of white gold with black pearl pendant with the XS club logo.



Located in Caesars Palace Resort, Pure is a magnet for parties and money. This is not just a large night establishment – it’s the center of fun, where every city visitor should get relaxation. This nightclub in Las Vegas covers the area of ​​36,000 square meters and offers outstanding acoustics, high-quality music from world-known DJs and a cheerful mood.

Unftnt and Requiem Events EDM Night at Midtown Barfly

Pure night club is not considered to be the place where people save money. So, there were precedents when the guests of the club spent up to $ 176,000 thousand per night. However, it’s not surprising, because the average bill of the establishment is not too modest – about $ 20-50 thousand.



Another famous Las Vegas’ nightclub is called Tao, and it’s located at the Venetian Hotel. Despite the European name of the hotel, the oriental theme dominates in the club itself. You can see there a giant statue of Buddha, a lounge that resembles a temple, and the main dance floor with the pompous name “Dance Floor of the Emperors”. It’s worth noting that a rather frivolous atmosphere reigns in Tao, perhaps because of girls who paint each other by using henna or, quite possibly, because of a nymph who bathes every evening in a bathroom full of rose petals in one of the halls the club.

Tao at the Venetian

Tao is one of the favorite places of Kim Kardashian. The nightclub has a dining room with a full menu and a sushi bar. If you want to have a party right in broad daylight, then a club pool is at your disposal.

If you are not averse to drink a couple of glasses of strong drink in a relaxed atmosphere, there’s a beautiful lounge area in the nightclub. In general, Tao has everything you can wish at any time of the day. This is a great place where all clubbers’ dreams come true!



Light has brought back the nightlife of Las Vegas to the exclusivity and charm on which the city was founded. This reputation is worthy of real facts. An abundance of luxury is dictated by the etiquette of the place.

Night Club Angel

(photo by carlosmarquez)

The nightclub is located on the territory of the Mirage Hotel. It’s popular not only among young clubbers, but also among respectable persons. Those VIPs, who prefer to stay in the shade, come there and ask for the blue room. Those ones, who are used to dance and drink, choose the main dance floor. In fact, here you can enjoy such elite beverages as Rémy Martin Louis XIII for $14,500/bottle and Dom Pérignon Champagne for $25,000/bottle.


The Cosmopolitan

Girl Talk Performs at The Boulevard Pool at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

The club consists of two separate parts: the “drowned” dance floor with DJs, dance music, and festive ambience, a rooftop swimming pool full of unusual lighting effects, palm trees, and art compositions. The “drowned” part of the Cosmopolitan looks like a submarine, with spectacular metal columns and mechanisms in the style of steam-punk. Besides of the club itself, there’s a chic restaurant and a luxury mini hotel. Until midnight, queues appear in front of the club entrance, but regular visitors to the establishment have found a way to quickly get inside: there must be a nice girl in the company.

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