Tips and Tactics to Get the Best Deals This Black Friday

Black Friday has become a major fixture on the retail calendar, both for shoppers and businesses alike. The day after Thanksgiving is no longer just a way for American shoppers to get pre Christmas bargains, it’s now a global phenomenon.

If you’re looking for some bargains this Black Friday, a bit of strategy will make sure you don’t end up blowing your budget on stuff you didn’t even want or need. Here’s how to find the best Black Friday deals before the big day…

Shop Before You Buy

Take a look online at the stuff you want to buy before the sales begin. In the UK in 2017, 91% of online retailers had some kind of Black Friday deal. This means that if you find a particular something you want or need, you’ll probably find it available for a discount over the Black Friday period.

Browse the shops and products you want and make a shopping list so on the day, you can just swoop and buy what you want.

Read the Reviews

If you’re like 90% of the shopping public, you probably read reviews of businesses and products before you buy them. A quick Google search can put your mind at ease and ensure you get quality.

Avoid the heat of the moment decision and do some research on the brands you’re looking at buying before Black Friday, especially if its a smaller company or niche product.

Big Purchases

Essentially Black Friday is a way for the retail sector to push their wares and get a sales spike as they go towards the new year, so you can find great deals on expensive items. If you’re looking at getting a new phone for you (or a present for someone) brands like Apple, or retailers like Argos and PC World slash prices on top priced lines.

If you’re not too bothered about this years model (which probably isn’t hugely reduced anyway) then you’ll find older models are an absolute steal at this time of year. After all, the iPhone 8 or Samsung S8 are still great phones and can be around half the price of this years flagship.

Other big purchases like cars or holidays can also be found on Black Friday, so make sure you’ve done your research before the big day to make sure you don’t end up with buyers remorse!

Don’t Forget the Independents!

It’s all well and good spending hundreds or thousands on big purchases, but what about the little stuff? Black Friday is a great opportunity to pick up a deal from smaller retailers and support startups.

Independent clothing brands in particular offer a great way to get a unique look and to try a new style out for less.

For women, look at shoe brands like Neous or Doratore, who offer designer styling for a fraction of the price. Keep an eye on their sites and stockists to get the best deals.

For men (or unisex) looking for high quality comfortable winter footwear, check out Baabuk who make amazing wool shoes which are designed for both winter months and the summer too. They’re offering 30% off on Black Friday, just input the code BLACKFRIDAY30 at checkout.

Sign Up for Newsletters

OK so we all get plenty of email at the moment… But if you sign up for the newsletters of brands you’re interested in before the Black Friday sales you’ll get a heads up about their discounts. This is particularly handy if the brand is one of the independents or a more niche product line.

Bear in mind also that Black Friday sales are just part of the cycle of festive season discounts. Although it’s a great way to do your Christmas shopping (and treat yourself too) don’t forget the January sales are not far away either!

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