What is the Importance of the Civil Marriage and Notary?

It has been more than a year since that you are allowed to process the file prior to the celebration of the marriage through a notarial certificate. The purpose of this act will be to verify that both parties meet the capacity requirements and that there are no legal or other impediments to contracting a marriage. As for the processing of the minutes, the notary for civil marriage will ask the future spouses if they meet the necessary requirements for marriage and that there is no impediment whatsoever. The notary will quietly and separately listen to each of them to make sure that their statements are true and to be able to appreciate their due capacity and willingness to marry.

Here are some factors to consider:

The Required Documents:

The competence to carry out this previous file will correspond to the notary of the place of domicile of either of the two contracting parties, to whom you must present the following documentation.On the other hand, once the matrimonial file is processed,it is a much quicker way to get married since the notary will give you an appointment before the Registry or the City Council.

  • National identity document, passport
  • Literal certificate of birth, issued by the Civil Registry of the place of birth
  • Certificate of registration in the place of residence during the last two years
  • In the event that one of the parties had previously been married, a literal certificate of the previous marriage with the marginal annotation of the divorce or nullity thereof or if applicable, literal certificate of death of the first spouse
  • Foreigners must present a certificate of matrimonial capacity or single certificate, according to what is established by the legislation of their country
  • If any of the contracting parties was affected by mental, intellectual or sensory deficiencies, they would have to present a medical opinion on the aptitude to give their consent.

Conclusion: the place of notary

The notary will finalize the minutes by stating that the parties meet the requirements for marriage. In addition, which will be a great advantage, the couple will be able at that time to record the matrimonial economic regime that they wish to apply to their marriage and if applicable, the civil vicinity of the future spouses. Finally, the notary will deliver a copy of the minutes to the contracting parties, who will be able to get married before the same notary. If they wish to marry abroad, the notary will issue the certificate of matrimonial capacity. So, if you are thinking of getting married do not hesitate to go to your notary to advise and inform you.

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