What’s The Go-To Online Business Development Strategy In 2019?

When it comes to business development, in particular when applied to its online side of things, it’s important to understand that there are short term strategies and longer terms ones: marketing plans which are related to SEO, for example, are definitely focusing on a 3/4 months ROI, whilst PPC and Paid Social, in particular, are something which has quicker returns. With this in mind, choosing the best business development strategy for what concerns online businesses in 2019 is extremely difficult, but let’s analyse the matter in more detail.


Drop Shipping Your Way Out Of Your Initial Capital


It’s no secret that drop shipping has always been the go-to strategy to quickly develop an online store, especially if related to the fashion industry or the general “fast retail” one. Drop shipping was, in fact, the first business development strategy chosen by IKEA when they started. By applying white-label marketing strategies to an already well-developed portal, in fact, it’s possible to generate those initial sales which are required to raise the substance, say the foundations, for your online business. In 2019, drop shipping is still pretty relevant, if done with a proper Paid Social and Organic strategy.


Service Hosting


As an online business entrepreneur, you should know the fact that traffic is the most important part of your online business. It should be constantly monitored and, most importantly, it’s the reason why you are generating enquiries/sales. With this in mind, there have been a series of online business development strategies which were born just relying on “selling” traffic: service hosting is basically a form of drop shipping which relies on listing a company’s service on a portal which has high organic traffic. By doing so, it’s possible to generate a recurring income from such “hosting service” that you’re providing.

This has been seen in many different business fields, ranging from fintech to open bridging loans.


To Conclude


Although it is only two choices, these have been proven to be the most successful strategies when it comes to online business development, especially (as said above) within businesses which are actively looking to scale within the smallest timeframe so whether you choose drop shipping or a commercial bridge loan to help your business development is up to you.


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