6 Reasons Why Luxury Watches Are Still Better Than Smartwatches

In the past couple of years, more and more people have been taken with smartwatches — with its many features including email access and voice calls, who wouldn’t? If you want to keep up with the trend, then by all means, get yourself an Apple watch or Fitbit. However, we believe that wearable tech just doesn’t measure up to timeless premium watches. Not convinced? Read on to see the six reasons why we believe luxury watches are still better than smartwatches:

  1.       Longer Lifespan

One of the key advantages of owning a luxury watch is its ability to last years or decades without losing its value. The same cannot be said with smartwatches. Unfortunately, like any other tech gadget, you need to buy the latest version to keep up with the trend. This basically means that in only a few months time, the smartwatch model you just purchased can already be outdated.

A well-made timepiece, one that is treated with care, can often be passed down from generation to generation within the family. Any small knick or scratch obtained by the watch simply becomes part of its history and gives it a unique charm. Also, some vintage watch models like ones from Rolex retain or even increase in value over time.

6 Reasons Why Luxury Watches Are Still Better Than Smartwatches

  1.       Resale Value

Going further into value, used watches from top watchmakers, particularly those with big brand names are easy to resell, unlike smartwatches. Meaning, the luxury watch you purchase today can be considered an investment. Just make sure you keep the piece in excellent condition, save the original packaging, and if you can, the proof of your purchase so you can get the most out of your timepiece when you’re ready to sell.

  1.       Sentimental Value

There’s something about giving someone important in your life a luxury watch that makes the gift much more special. They’re meaningful and emotional, almost like reminding someone just how precious time is. That’s why you often see watches being given as presents in weddings, graduation, anniversaries and the likes. Sure, an Apple watch will earn gasps when you open it up on Christmas day, but it might not give much meaning in the following years.

  1.       Battery Life

Smartwatches are basically small phones that you wear on your wrists. On top of checking the time, it enables you to check emails, make calls, track your fitness, and many more. With these features, battery life becomes an issue. You’ll have to charge your smartwatch several times in a day, depending on how you use it, which truthfully is a little inconvenient.

The primary purpose of a watch is to tell time and top-tier watches are made to do just that, with battery life that can run for years. Outlets and adapters not needed.

  1.       Flexible (Stylishly, that is)

You can wear a luxury watch to the gym but you cannot wear a smartwatch to a black tie event. This is a fact. A classic timepiece is an accessory so flexible, you can wear it any time of the day, anywhere you go without having to worry if it fits your ensemble — because it always does. Because of its elegant look, a luxury watch can complement and upgrade your look, whether you’re in your business suit or tee and khakis.

6 Reasons Why Luxury Watches Are Still Better Than Smartwatches

  1.      Aesthetically Pleasing

There’s something about a luxury watch, especially on men, that just makes you realize how attractive an accessory can be. Smartwatches may look “cool”, especially because of its many features, but a premium watch is simply elegant and classy. You also have many more designs and materials to choose from depending on your taste. Serious and professional? A simple platinum watch would suit you perfectly? Feeling a bit flashy? A gold timepiece with fancy accents may be for you.

Smart watches have its advantages, especially if you’re tech-savvy. However, wearable tech simply can’t compete with the classic and timeless charm of luxury watches.

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