How To Healthy Diet and Lifestyle Can Beat Depression?

Depression is a common mental condition and can be among the most misunderstood. In the United Kingdom, depression represents 35 percent of absence from the work due to sickness. When people are no longer be able to work and operate in a normal manner, then it means that depression has become seriously debilitating. In some cases, depression could cause self harm and even, suicide. Depressed mood is a typical symptom of depression, but we may also experience various physical effects as well, such as joint ache, muscle pain, decreased ability to feel pleasure and lack of energy. Major depression is a determinant factor in suicides and unfortunately, only a third of people with severe depression get depression and medical attention.

Because the condition of each individual is different, it is not easy to determine the real cause of depression. Fortunately, we can tackle depression by making changes to our lifestyle. Balanced and healthy diet should contribute in making our mind healthier and happier. A good diet should also help in regulating and stimulating the level of dopamine in our brain. It is interesting to know that sugar-packed food, like donut, cake, sweet chocolate, shakes and candy can actually help in reducing depressive moods. However, you should know that it is not the best approach to take. Sugar overdose may cause elevated blood sugar level and eventually, the glucose level will plummet lower than normal. When it happens, we could enter a new depressive episode.

Instead of choosing the high-sugar approach, it is better to maintain blood sugar level and you need to alleviate any kind of major depressive moods. You may also need to avoid caffeinated soft drinks, energy drinks, coffee and regular soda, because the high level of sugar and caffeine won’t help in making you less depressed in the long run. When you have depression, it is better to increase the production of serotonin. You also need to consume food that’s high in magnesium and B vitamins. Food that you need to eat may include green vegetables, nuts and various kinds of fish. By eating them, you should be able to manage the level of depression. St. John’s Wort should be ideal in treating any kind of mild depression.

Healthy lifestyle also includes regular exercises and using healthy, herbal remedies that can lessen the symptoms of depression. It means that your body will be healthy and fit. Exercise should help in improving your overall mood and lack of sleep can be reduced. The key is to avoid succumbing into a state of deep depression where you need to rely on prescription medications. Once you enter this state, your long-term quality of life will be affected. By having healthy lifestyle and being mindful, you will be able to sense early signs of mild depression and at this moment, it will be much easier to eradicate them. You should also consider dealing with periodical and recurring problems, such as seasonal affective disorder.

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