How To Choose The Right Bath Tub For Your Home?

When choosing home spa or portable home tub, we could find an amazing array of specifications, designs, features and accessories. It is important for you to understand all the possibilities to determine the best possible configurations, for your requirements. You should have an objective insight about everything and it is a good idea to start with the basics. There are different names that you need to consider. We should understand all the common names. As an example, home spa is usually made of an acrylic shell, with surrounding cabinet that’s made of synthetic material or wood.

Hot tub is usually made of wood and has a round shape. It is usually made from wood and placed outside of the house. However, the term is often used interchangeably with “home spa”. Hot tub can be disassembled and then re-assembled in the location. The hot tub should sit above the ground and you should make sure that the actual size of the tub matches your space perfectly.  The weight of the tub can be anywhere between a couple hundred pounds to a few thousand pounds. You should also consider the proper electrical wiring and installation methods. It is also a good idea to know about how many people that can be accommodated by the tub.

For many families, a tub that accommodates between four to six persons should be enough. However, some tubs can accommodate up to ten people. There could also be various features, such as foot therapy, water jet therapy and pneumatic controls. There should also be a water purification system, as well as single and dual filtration system. You may also include CD/stereo system, automatic fountain and ozonator system. You should know that the best hot tub doesn’t always have the fanciest feature. You should think about the preferences and needs that can be met by your hot tub system.

There could be unexpected costs, such as under-structure construction that need to be built. The insulation of the home tub can be made of multi layered high density foam, low density packaging foal or basic single layer polyurethane. The cabinetry can be made of access panels, removable walls, metal, synthetic wood and natural wood. The quality, thickness and reliability of the fibreglass material should also be taken into consideration. You should also know about the type and name of jets. The wattage and rate of water heating are also essential to ensure that the tub can accommodate the large volume of water.

You should check the type and number of pumps. Some tubs, depending on the size may have single, dual or triple pumps. Electrical requirements can be 110V or 220V. Surface or pad requirements should also be included in the consideration, such as concrete, gravel or dirt. The overall ongoing costs of operating a single hot tub can be quite high, if you are not being careful. You need to calculate the cost per kWh of electricity and per gallon of water from your utilities.

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