New Fitness Trends to Try in 2019

If you find yourself constant motivation to attend a gym session but need some inspiration to get you working out, there are plenty of classes to attend. Going with friends or family helps stop you quitting as you don’t want to skip a class and let your partner down. but which class should you try? 2019 has brought about plenty of new fitness trends you can get on board with, so if you don’t want to attend an average spin class here are some new ideas:


Ugi Fit

After 2 years of research, the development of the Ugi ball may look simple however it’s an unusual concept that helps support you during strength, cardio and core training. With the squish and support of a bean bag and the bounce of a stress ball, this is a 15-inch prop to help your workouts. It adds a layer of fun to what could normally be a boring outwork and while classes are available is also possible to buy a DVD to instruct you from home if your local gym hasn’t started it yet.



Dubbed as the ‘new spinning’ rowing classes are taking over the nation with people want to push themselves and work on upper body strength. Rowing actually impacts 85% of your muscles when done correctly, so you can see why more people are wanting to take up classes. The classes are split with matt exercises in-between rowing intervals, and most people completely get into the workout during the first class.



This is a dance class based on drawing the letters of the alphabet with your feet while performing a cardio routine. Stretch fitness clothing is a must for this activity as when you pick up the rhythm it becomes an intense non-traditional workout. The class was created by an LA-based instructor but uses elements from south African dances to get participant fulling involved.



The futuristic training style is like no other, using vibrations and a flexible blade the workout targets specific muscles groups. The blade rapidly changes direction in a rhythm which means your body moves around 270 times a minute, and natural resistances create the workout. Bodyblade promises to offer better flexibility, coordination, posture and muscle enhancement and definition.

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